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  • Umbrella Online

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    • Launch Date: 09/24/2020
      Communtiy Niche: Resident Evil and survival horror gaming

    The Umbrella Online project initially ran from approximately 2001-2003 on UBB and vBulletin 2. After a 17-year long hiatus I have decided to revive it following the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, as well as the upcoming releases of Resident Evil Village and a Netflix series.

    I'm quite selective about the add-ons that I use, and I feel that I have a pretty good balance right now. I like to offer additional functionality that integrates seamlessly, and feels like it is almost a standard part of the software. These tweaks are often quite minimal, but provide good value. The Wiki is powered by xF Glossary which has been customised to suit, and I'm hopeful that as further developments to the add-on are made it will become a key part of Umbrella Online to bridge the gap that a website would otherwise fill.

    A shout-out goes to Stylesfactory for the style (Rain), his permission for me to edit and customise it, and his awesome support in resolving a couple of issues that were identified with the base style since going live.

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    The theme is very appealing! How has the community done since the last movie of Resident Evil?

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