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      Cheers matey! Although weirdly I can only see 2 forums when I'm signed in? šŸ¤”

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  3. I am sorry if I were a bit unclear in my post, but I didn't mean the ACP but the actual account settings page for regular users.
  4. I remember reading a planned event on Facebook asking people to storm & raid Area 51. My guess would be that Aliens don't exist in this government facility, it seems too unrealistic for me to believe. Until science proves otherwise, I won't be agreeing to any conspiracy theories.
  5. No, I don't agree with capital punishment but that's just my view. Killing someone for killing others is hypocritical. A life sentence would work better, as once a inmate dies, they feel no pain scientifically speaking. I'm glad England has banned this type of punishment for criminals.
  6. Yes, self-driving cars are definitely a good way of commuting if they don't go wrong. Although, the technology needs to be 99.99% safe to ensure minimal injuries and car accidents. Maybe in the next 10-20 years we'll see more on the market, after being tested?
  7. Yes, it's nice to believe that there is some form of reincarnation or spiritual place after death. There's no scientific evidence yet to prove this, so the only way we'll find out is when death comes. I'd like to think it's not just nothingness.
  8. I'm still waiting to update, I want to make sure all my apps are compatible with iOS 14..
  9. Done it, and it's not bad. It's rather exciting actually sometimes. It gets a bad rap but it's really not that bad. Why not?!
  10. Good to know everyone so far likes Biden and not the Cheeto puff.
  11. Not if it's for IPS. I don't think they're making an app that is all inclusive of all communities who run said softwares, I think they're just native apps for certain softwares. ThemeHouse would be great for XenForo since they create addons and themes for XenForo, but IPS? Bit of a fight there.
  12. The argument's not about it being better, it's about it being more convenient. ThemeHouse would likely win there.
  13. It'd be sad if IPS's app was not better than the a third party app.
  14. Don't see why that's odd. Makes sense that ThemeHouse would want to have a monopoly on the app market. One app for everything.
  15. I find it odd that ThemeHouse says they are developing their app for IPS too. Maybe they're trying to be the competitor app? I know IPS won't be selling native apps for a bit...
  16. Hi everyone, As this add-on has not yet been updated to fix the continuous glitches popping up, we went ahead and removed the add-on until it's been fixed or an alternative can be arranged. However! For those with verifications, we're working on an update that will still display your badge(s)!
  17. When I see a lot of ads like that, I usually leave and not come back. People shouldn't have that many ads on their website.
  18. Right in time for IPB to publish both of their apps...Interesting.
  19. I thought ThemeHouse was pretty decent? Their themes look nice !
  20. Can I just rant for a moment? I went on a forum just a few moments ago and all I saw where ads.....ad in the header, leaderboard ad, ad on the sidebar....even an ad in the first post of each thread - like, seriously? Talk about a deterrent to not join a forum. How about everyone else? Do you like to see ads when joining forums?
  21. They do, you just have to delete their account and it will ask on if you want to keep the posts, remove them, or rename the posts to "Deleted User XXXX".
  22. We use IPB Cloud and I personally like it. I've only encountered an issue once - otherwise, the uptime and performance is good and it's worth the price.
  23. Don't use GoDaddy for hosting. In the same way you wouldn't use any other registrar.
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