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  2. I really like the dark theme, great job on it.
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  4. I'm going to work on something for that over the weekend.
  5. That's the members' issue, not yours. Adding more themes is just a headache to maintain.
  6. I don't blame them. That's a lot of outlay for very little return. Business ads work because the businesses recoup the money in referrals and closed business. Not from Adsense ads running on their website.
  7. Good job, the new designs look really fresh.
  8. Usually on my desktop pc or my surface pro.
  9. Laptop and phone. I prefer using my laptop most of the time.
  10. That's great Now I want a puppy too. They can be really cute.
  11. It's not a good idea to have membership approval unless it's to prevent spam. Not many people would stick around a lot of time to get that approval. So, I wouldn't recommend that to any forum in general. Still, if you are getting too much spam content, then that's another story. I am sure some people would come back to post after getting the approval but not all of them.
  12. I don't think so. I am sure they have great potential. There are many things when it comes to free scripts and all ...like slow support, slow release of new versions but they are still cool. I have been using MyBB close to 8 years now and I love it. I will probably change my forum script to Xenforo pretty soon but I still like MyBB. There are many plugins and themes to choose from when it comes to MyBB.
  13. One of my staff members designed it for us. I usually don't change the logo based on the theme. The favicon and the Logo are really cool and I have been using them for close to two years now. I don't think I will change them anytime soon. As for me, I don't have what it takes to make a good logo. I will probably try my luck with Photoshop again sometime.
  14. To be honest, such services already exists. Something like Forumwheel or Postloop and it's just that, the standards are too high. Not many people can get into those posting services and they can't guarantee niche related posts quality. I was a poster in Forumwheel before but I gave up as the niche related posting requirements are just too many. I wouldn't recommend such service at all.
  15. I am sure most of the websites determine the cost based on the traffic alone. As for me, I will try to get the information from Google Adsense and then try to charge the same. In that way, you will be able to get decent ads and you can add them directly to the index page or any other page. Or you could also take some suggestions from the SEO tools which can give you the estimation. It's not going to be easy but everything needs some time and research.
  16. I am sure most of the activity is only due to the notification system and nothing more. If people can't find replies to their own threads or if they don't see anything that needs their attention on the index page, they will just leave. Where as if they see notifications then I am sure they will respond accordingly. I just can't imagine a forum without any notification system at the moment. It's going to go under pretty soon, if it exists at the moment.
  17. I don't think it's a good idea to allow members to do that. It will make things harder and I am sure people will try to use these permissions for their own benefit. It's different when it comes to their own threads though. They might use that functionality to prevent spam. Anyway, as of now, I wouldn't recommend this functionality to any new forum.
  18. I am sure websites need about 4-6 themes. 2-3 light themes and 2-3 dark themes. Based on one's own interest they can use the theme they want. Otherwise, they might feel that, the default theme is not good enough. This is just how I see things.
  19. It's fine and that came from my personal experience. So far in all these 8 years, I have spent close to 2188 USD and with Google Adsense I made like 88 USD. My family doesn't want me to waste more money on the website but I just can't help it. I am sure there are others just like me.
  20. This is the only justification - even if it’s a terrible justification. Not aimed at you, @Claraviolet - but for finances to take over the websites user experience, something’s gone wrong.
  21. Ads are not good when you use them that way. A header ad and a footer ad can be good enough. Unfortunately, they don't get much income to the website owner. So, they had to place too many ads to get something from the Adsense, once in a while. I do understand them but that doesn't mean I like them.
  22. That's not the issue - the issue is Parler identifies itself as a 'no moderation' platform. You get extremist views on Facebook but that's at least moderated. Because, and I've said this before, Cloudflare hosts nothing. They're DNS and CDN. You can't put a website on Cloudflare because it's not a host. The First Amendment only allows you to not be arrested for your views. It does not mean a company - a private company - has to allow you to air them.
  23. I enjoyed playing soccer in my younger days, but I never enjoyed watching it. Although I never got truly into playing it either, so it never quite stuck.
  24. I see how they get to that conclusion, because truly, sometimes I only look at my notifications and leave. If I wasn't admin/staff, some forums I really don't ever pay attention unless I have a notification from something.
  25. There was an interesting discussion around this topic on a talk somewhere. The speaker hypothesised that actually, notifications could potentially do more harm than good as you only action your outstanding notifications and then move on, rather than being ‘forced’ to explore the site in full. whilst not an argument I wholly agree with, I found it an interesting thought
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