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  1. I see how they get to that conclusion, because truly, sometimes I only look at my notifications and leave. If I wasn't admin/staff, some forums I really don't ever pay attention unless I have a notification from something.
  2. Hello everyone! As you're reading this post, I am sure you can tell a bit of a difference with the design. We spent a lot of time on the overall design and feel of Forumer, and wanted to introduce something different but on point with our brand. IPB has allowed us to create just that - and I'm excited to share our work with all of you today. As always, we put careful consideration in our dark theme to provide a high quality dark mode that looks nice, and is easy on the eyes. We've been famous for our dark themes since our launch, and well, If you wish to
  3. Let's go back to the time where forum softwares did not have built in notifications. Where do you think we would be if notifications were never built into softwares? Anyone else remember the olden days of no notifications?
  4. I used to love soccer. I was in my local AYSO soccer club when I was little and was a mean little defender. I've never really played since, and I don't watch any kind of sports. I like playing the sport, not watching it on TV.
  5. I try and limit to two themes at most - a light and a dark theme. Anything more than that is so much upkeep in branding, etc.
  6. We use email campaigns and alerts via the notification system. If we need too, we'll use the mass PM option but for the most part, the alerts will get the job done.
  7. In terms of when you first opened your website vs. now, what changes have you made? What did your site first look like then vs. now? Forumer was orange when it first opened up just a year ago. Here's some photos from when it first opened: (dark theme) (first week of opening, ft. @Picard) Now, I think we've come a long way. We have moved from XenForo to IPB and we're releasing our newest designs here in the coming days. I've even gotten better at designing! What about everyone else? How far have you come?
  8. I completely agree. Most people also saying that are fine with what happened on Capital Hill, too. This is what happens when you have a no rules forum dedicated to politics. I think the huge issue with Parler is they would not remove content that incited violence (i.e if someone said to storm the capital and kill people, they most likely would not remove that...) A lot of people are thinking its Democrats getting revenge on Republicans (because Apple, Google, and AWS have Democratic CEO's) but I think it's just a fun coincidence. If Parler would have moderation policies, then I
  9. @Puppuccino, the new theme in the works.
  10. Hey @Puppuccino! Happy to see you back around! Thank you for the kind words about the design! I’ve been tweaking it for a while trying to get it just right. Haha.
  11. Thomasss


    Welcome to Forumer!!
  12. PHP 8 has been released for some time and says to be faster and better than PHP 7. Has anyone tried running their sites off of PHP 8?
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