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  1. Revillution is an entertainment website & forum that covers gaming, streaming, technology, movies, music & all sorts of entertainment genres. We offer something for everyone at Revillution, even if you aren't a gamer, you'll find something you'll like about the site! We offer lots of customization options to our members from changing of color scheme, ability to toggle on and off descriptive forum specific images. Profile covers, thread covers, and much more! Revillution has a rich history and we decided it was time to bring it back. It means a lot to myself and @Shortie861 and it just
  2. Depends on the site, but if there is a site like that I would say they'd need a disclaimer stating moderation is extremely limited unless otherwise stated for the reasons mentioned above (illegal activity, death threats, etc)
  3. Not quite! doesn't support background color or border color, it's literally just the foreground/text color of the username. :)
  4. We don't see a decrease in forum activity. People still log in daily to read posts or share stuff. I push the forum more than I push anything else, the discord is just a small extension.
  5. My site has a discord. I also use it as my discord for my streaming as well, so it serves the purpose for both. :)
  6. I've tried to get an add-on like IGN-style username colors for Xenforo 2.x, I had one made back on XF1 and loved it, but the original developer found them to be 'tacky' in this day and age and doesn't see much of a need for an add-on like this so he quoted me a ridiculous price to develop it and maintain it, which i'm obviously not willing to pay.......so I suppose it's an end of an era.
  7. Thanks for the clarification. :)
  8. I'm interested in this one: At least 5,000 topics At least 25 community members Online for at least 6 months Does it have to be TOPICS? or can it be posts? I'm genuinely curious about this. :)
  9. There's usually never any drama on my forums because I shut it down real quick. :) Plus, most of us are older now and petty internet drama just isn't something people enjoy. :P At least not the type that join my site.
  10. Why is the rum always gone?
    1. s3_gunzel


      Rum's gone too.
  11. Desktop. I browse with the new microsoft edge browser. :)
  12. As a site owner and content creator myself, I'd like to know how to become verified. :)
  13. it could help if it's on a high traffic site, blog or forum.
  14. it's a waste because you're paying for empty follows, no real exposure will come from that.
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