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  1. When playing video games and want to talk to your friends while playing which app do you use? I'm using Discord since it's very user-friendly and all my friends are using it as well. I have tried TeamSpeak in the past but didn't really like it. But sometimes, I also use the in-game voice chat if the game has one like in CS:GO.
  2. Do you have any plans set up for New Year? I don't have any plans set up. I'm just going to be staying at home with my family and celebrate New Year together. Probably visit friends the next day but not sure.
  3. Do you think that it's a good idea for the admin to create alt accounts and reply to his own threads when starting a new forum to make it look more "active" ? Personally, I think that it's not a good idea at all. It can be spotted pretty easily that it's fake and drive some potential members away. Also, after time those alt accounts will just turn into dead accounts and make the forum look worse activity wise.
  4. Sometimes, I do when I'm away from home use my phone to browse my favourite forums and read some interesting topics. But I avoid writing something long as it takes a lot of time for me if I'm not using a physical keyboard. Well, do you often browse forums on your mobile or prefer to stick to PC?
  5. What phone display size you prefer? Personally, I'm using a phone with a 6.52" display and I find it perfect for me, not too big and not small. Easy enough for me to get it into a pocket and to use it with one hand. Tho, I don't think anything over 6.8" will be comfortable.
  6. Do you think that hiring paid staff is a good idea? I think it is a good idea if you struggle to moderate the forum and can't recruit moderators from within. Also, if you can hire staff/moderators when you open a new forum this also can help with content posting and stack up quickly. But most important of all, you should get to know that person before giving any permissions.
  7. Do you have like an aim for X amount of content being posted per day on your forum? I personally prefer to have one, especially if starting a new forum. It helps to get more content posted on in the early stage. Well, for big forums I don't think that it would matter much - they are already getting tons of posts per day.
  8. Do you think that hiring paid posters to generate content in your forum is a good idea? I think it's a good idea, especially when your forum is just starting. You can hire some paid posters to make some threads so the boards don't look empty. But, that shouldn't be the main source of content as they are posting only for the payment they get. It's just a nice way to have some boost.
  9. Question basically in the tittle --- do you prefer to use a light theme or a dark one while browsing a forum? Personally, I always go for the dark theme if the forum has one. It's my favourite, looks much better in my opinion. Also, it's easier on the eyes especially during the night. BTW, some people stick to light themes as they think the dark ones look unprofessional, not sure why.
  10. Would you offer a VIP membership on your forum for people who would like to support you? I think that it's a good deal --- members who like your work and would like to support what you are doing can purchase a VIP membership and get some benefits from it like a private VIP forum, colored names, or whatever you decide to include as benefits. But for that to work you should have a large amount of users or at least a few loyal ones in my opinion.
  11. I listen to music every day for many hours daily. I use YouTube as it's easier for me to do so. Have once tried Spotify but I ended up uninstalling it. Also, more of the songs I listen to aren't available on Spotify as they are coming from not that popular singers or are older. So, which one do you prefer to use - YouTube or Spitify? Or any other player?
  12. Would you permanently delete a troll/spam thread/post, soft-delete it, or move it to a hidden "trash" section on your forum? I would just permanently delete it, it's in no use - not contributing anything to the site and I don't see a reason to move it anywhere. But some people prefer to move that type of content to the trash area for some reasons.
  13. Do you think that daily backup is a must when choosing a hosting service? Well, I think it should be a feature. Things happens always and you never know what might come next, so it would be good to have daily backups. As an example, if a person who just started a new forum and lose members/content due to some mistake/error might just give up on the site.
  14. Do you prefer to download your video games digitally from stores like uPlay, Origin, Steam, Epic Games, etc... or you prefer to pick up a physical copy? Well, most people who play on PC prefer to download games since it's much easier for them. Also, there are a lot of discounts and sales going around online stores. I also prefer to have my games digitally. Cheaper, faster and more comfortable in my opinion.
  15. First of all, I really like the current theme the forum is using. It looks very good - clean, professional, etc. But also, I would appreciate a dark version of the current theme. It would be a good feature for users who prefer dark themes over light ones. Also, it's easier on the eyes especially during the night. I hope you like the suggestions and it come to realization. :)
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