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  1. I remove spam accounts, I don't see any reason to keep them.
  2. Thanks buddy :D Thanks! I get more than 300,000 visitors per month.
  3. I use Adsense and they work great. They don't slow the website and provide only relevant ads.
  4. KodiMaster

    hi all!

    Welcome and enjoy Forumer :D
  5. My oldest domain is two and a half years.
  6. This is not different from Google Ads, but you need a good banner so people will click on it, and the price should be reasonable according to the traffic of the website where you want to buy the space.
  7. As the others, Forum Promotion.
  8. Buying followers is a bad idea. Almost all those followers aren't interested in your website and you won't get any real traffic from this.
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