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  1. I thought ThemeHouse was pretty decent? Their themes look nice !
  2. Pipsi

    I’m back!

    Welcome back!
  3. Can I just rant for a moment? I went on a forum just a few moments ago and all I saw where ads.....ad in the header, leaderboard ad, ad on the sidebar....even an ad in the first post of each thread - like, seriously? Talk about a deterrent to not join a forum. How about everyone else? Do you like to see ads when joining forums?
  4. They do, you just have to delete their account and it will ask on if you want to keep the posts, remove them, or rename the posts to "Deleted User XXXX".
  5. Has anyone used GoDaddy before? Preferably with their VPS hosting? Pro/Cons with any of it?
  6. I'm considering going with Invision Community for a new project and was wondering if anyone had recommendations or insights to share into hosting said project on IPB's Cloud? Does anyone have any insight on pro/cons for their hosting, or should I manage the server myself?
  7. Unless your forum is in England, they cannot enforce this rule. I agree with @s3_gunzel's analysis. Members own the content, and give the forums the license to use it.
  8. Wouldn't these medical conditions make contracting COVID worse for you?
  9. Its key to have content to work with when opening a new forum. You cannot sell a product without, well, the product.
  10. Definitely liking the new design!
  11. Great idea! Hope we can bring in just as much as we did the last few times!
  12. Excited to see a new contest finally!
  13. Laptop, they're portable and have come a long way. :P
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