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  1. This is a great topic!! Yes, I did have a member who was around all the time and he was somewhat salty in his responses so it turned people off and newbies would run and hide, never to hear from them again. I didn't know what to do since he was adding post counts and new threads to the forum. He eventually got mad at me for something and left for good so I guess that resolved the problem?
  2. Yep, this would be the reason. It's also just a different way to connect to people kind of an open side discussion.
  3. I just ban them and leave it at that and when we were on vBulletin it added to our member count but now that we're on XenForo it no longer counts them so we're a thousand members shorter than we used to be! eek.
  4. Are you a power hungry type of staffer? Do you strive to get promoted to the next level when you're on staff at a forum? I've never been one to gain power and have turned down roles repeatedly at some sites. I join staff so that I can be helpful and want the forum to succeed.
  5. YES I take it personally even when they give other reasons for leaving. I take it personally because my forum is my heart and soul and I've labored for 5 years over it to try to keep it going and improve it so it's always a slap in the face when someone leaves. Okay, maybe not always since the trouble makers make me breathe a sigh of relief that I didn't have to ban them ;)
  6. I'm all for the right to bear arms. I personally do not own any guns. I used to live in a relatively safe suburb town but two towns away was one of the worst cities to live in with high murder numbers. I never owned a gun because I was close to my neighbors and knew they'd protect me but now where I live it's in the country so would anyone be near enough to help me if I needed it? That's one reason I have considered getting a gun because I might be in a situation where everyone is too far away to defend me in the nick of time.
  7. I'm in the US and somewhere near the east. On my forum we have people from all over the country but I often forget where they're from because at times it's like we're all sitting around in my living room and talking :D
  8. Oops I have older members and sometimes they can be quite dramatic! Lately they've been quiet though so I wonder if they're planning a big coup!
  9. I despise Goodbye threads! For the most part people leave because they've had a bad experience on the site and why would I want that drama to continue to play out as someone seeks sympathy for their leaving? Most of the time people have had their feelings hurt because someone else didn't agree with their opinion. To them, just leave. Don't seek attention. Don't put my forum down.
  10. Yikes! Hope you can get something done. I have appointments that were scheduled 3 months back for next week and the week after and I'm curious if they'll be canceled. The hospitals are low on supplies so I don't know what will happen.
  11. This is a great thing that you're doing!!
  12. How often do you send out emails to your forum members? What works in getting them to come back to the site? Do you think you email too often or not enough?
  13. Would you ever consider hiring outside staff for your forum? Does it make them seem more objective in working reports and giving out staff actions? Is it easy to get them on board with how the site does things (I'm lenient on my but have a certain distinctions for the 2 different types of flamings since one type is allowed on the site and the other is not but not a lot of people can grasp the concept).
  14. One thing I do for my forum from time to time is to look at my competitors...the forums in my niche who are about the same size that I am...in order to see what they're doing and if it's working or failing for them. There is a forum that started about the same time as mine and really grew quickly from the start while I was left in the dust. I looked at his site though and all those members he had were spammers with 0 posts. So I felt better about that. Then I saw that he was the main guy posting, like every few minutes adding content to his site. So it wasn't a very busy site with active m
  15. What are some dos and don'ts about encouraging members to support the site financially? What turns you off about a site that is asking for money? What entices you to donate?
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