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  1. Exactly. There has to be some other kind of life out there. It doesn't make any sense of us to be the only planet in the universe capable of having life.
  2. I like the icons and new colors for the boards! The icons look quite spectacular!
  3. Woltlab is the red headed stepchild to IPB - it has more of a flat design to everything but still offers a lot that IPB offers, such as a gallery, downloads, calendar, etc. It's also Half the price - but IPB is developed more professionally than Woltlab. I don't think it compares to phpBB....
  4. https://community.audent.io/app ThemeHouse introduced their native app for multiple community softwares, including XenForo, IPB, and MyBb. What are your thoughts on this? Do you plan on getting this app for your community?
  5. You're insane. If you do not join a site because they are more secure and try to prevent spam, what sites do you join? most modern sites are behind CloudFlare to use reCAPTCHA.
  6. Did you ever do this? Who would have thought we'd all be on lockdown a year later...*sigh*
  7. Nice to see Forumer still rocking with these events!
  8. So you become an employer? Aren't there laws around that? Lol
  9. Do you enable size quotas for your members? So they can only upload x amount of files/storage allotted for them? What about personal messages? Do you restrict the amount of PM's people can have?
  10. Seriously! Haha. Can't wait!
  11. Growing an invite only community is hard when you don't have anyone to actually invite. I would recommend making it invite only once you gain enough members to maintain a constant thread/post increase. Once people want to join, that is when you make it invite only. Not when you're just starting up.
  12. Nothing at the moment - maybe I'll gain some ideas from here!
  13. Rory


    Welcome to Forumer.io! :)
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