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  1. Thank you for the share @Nerdface and @Alexander that's actually not half a bad idea at all. I've had several people from other sites sign up on mind piff from doing the same thing. I plan to look into buying ad space soon though.
  2. A good host will backup just in case though I handle that myself on my own site as well. I plan to delve into automated offline backups sometime soon too. I had a Windows Live mail method to get it to deliver to my email but I stopped using it. My site backups once every hour online and I take backups offline myself. My host is extremely reliable though. As my site gets bigger I will look more into offline solutions.
  3. Yes I use the built in website as well. I remember first hearing about it whenever I had had my first shared web host and could find it in the cPanel. I also recall things caching up a lot and long conversations with leapswitch support (my first host) about what could have gone wrong. They've improved it much better.
  4. Nice to see you back! ❤️ 

    1. TopSilver


      Thank you! Glad to be here 😄

  5. I use virtualmin/webmin myself these days. cPanel is far too expensive in my opinion. I just know the majority of people I've heard about especially on shared use it is all.
  6. A lot of hosts are partnered with Cloudflare. I'm going to have a poll to see how many of you have Cloudflares App in your shared hosts cPanel. I want to get an idea of how many don't use cloudflare since almost every host I've used has had it. Almost every single host I have ever used has had cloudflare built into it if I'm using shared. I don't use shared anymore and I haven't used cPanel in some time either because I can't afford it but many hosts I have found have done this.
  7. Personally myBB is the only choice I would give if I was using free software. PhpBB isn't that bad and that may be an option I would choose. Both seem to be the best. I haven't seen any others that are better but I also haven't seen any others that are worse. Either way you look at it they are good softwares. Which one would you choose? Do you know of any others?
  8. Some hosts take backups outside of your own to make sure something doesn't go wrong. Also a good feature some hosts have is they take snapshots of your site which are basically recovery points where you can automatically recover if something goes wrong. A lot of hosts charge for snapshots though but they are a great tool. Tell me how your host keeps your site safe.
  9. So I have one question. Has anyone ever bought an email list and sent out mass emails to advertise for your site? This actually isn't something I have ever tried but I hear isn't that bad of an idea when it comes to getting people to join your site. You can basically find a site that provide peoples emails and send out a professional email with your site template saying to join. I don't recommend spamming the same email. But sending out emails every so often isn't a bad idea I don't think
  10. What is the most preferred method of advertising you have. Facebook, putting ads on other peoples site, buying signatures... etc I have not advertised for my site very much but I want to soon. Let me know which way you prefer the most. I think it could be really helpful to put advertising on other peoples sites in the form of paid ad space. I also hear adwords is good but also expensive.
  11. I wonder if anyone has ever traded posts with a high volume of posts regardless. I feel like if I had a lot of posts on my forum I would get a bit lazy because it wouldn't be needed. But then again I look back and sometimes it's good to spark activity and get new members to join to trade posts with people anyway. I intend to get my site going in the coming days with different methods. So far it's going fairly well. I like how this site is designed too.
  12. - Get the right web host and read reviews first so you know if they are good - Use cPanel/WHM as it's the best control panel there is in my opinion - Find protection for your site such as cloudflare or succuri cdn or if not at least have a host that has DDoS protection - If you choose a forum, use a paid software and not free ones like myBB or phpBB. May cost a bit but if you care about your site you will avoid the hassle of using free software - Lastly don't talk to your host support every day. Only message them when you truly have an issue you can't fix or need their help. If your not te
  13. I believe energy has to have somewhere to go. I never fathomed the thought of death being the end of it. To be honest in my opinion a bit contradicts birth and the ability to have free will. I've always believed in the bible though I do speculate reincarnation could be real as well.
  14. This is quite an amazing outreach program you have setup to help people that have gotten sick. I wish you the best on getting lots of members as that's quite an amazing and generous offer to help out that organization. Good luck with everything! I'm enjoying your site a lot.
  15. Welcome to forumer.io. Glad for you to join us :D
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