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  1. Any supported version and preferably the latest.
  2. Just a side note: don't learn how to make a logo just to use one for your own project. It takes quite a lot of practice before you get it right and your logos will most likely look terrible during your learning process. If you need a logo for a project, but you're not interested in becoming an actual logo designer, you should actually just outsource it.
  3. Sure, but I was more or less talking about the fact that there isn't any way to make money from the website right now. You should first implement a way to get money before hiring people to write some content, if the purpose of the website is to make you some money.
  4. Hm, my verification is also gone.
    1. Thomasss


      We’re revamping the whole system! We’re issuing new verifications soon. ;)
    2. Mace


      Ah, fair enough [USER=1]@Thomasss[/USER] :)
  5. Why would you hire writers if you cannot generate any profit from your website? That way you'd only lose money.
  6. Use any application used to create vector-based graphics (like Illustrator). Do your research. Make sketches. Use a grid. Master the pen tool. Use colours properly. Use correct kerning.
  7. Agreed. Underscores is my favourite 'theme'. I don't even use any other themes to be honest, as I like to implement my own designs / static websites into WordPress by creating custom themes and Underscores is really nice to use as a base.
  8. Generally, employers here expect (web / UI) designers to know at least (basic) HTML and CSS. Knowledge of JavaScript and even PHP is often asked for as well. What you should learn? That depends on what you want to do. HTML, CSS and JS are fine to start off with.
  9. https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/sofia https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/objektiv https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/neuzeit-grotesk https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/benton-sans https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/futura-pt https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/brandon-grotesque I've used the above fonts recently too. Check 'em out, maybe you'll like them too.
  10. Then simply don't work for the government. :p I've worked for several types of businesses (digital agencies, marketing agencies and currently for an international wholesale / production company) without said degree. In most cases, being able to show a solid portfolio (and thus knowledge) combined with x amount of years of experience is worth more than some piece of paper saying you completed a course. I honestly couldn't care less about someone's degree if I'd need to hire someone. I want to see actual projects you've worked on and I'd like you to be able to tell me why it was done the way
  11. Discord. Not only for gaming, though. I've used TeamSpeak when Discord wasn't around yet (like 7 years ago or so). It was fine back then, but now I definitely would prefer Discord over TS.
  12. What's your internet speed? Are you happy with your internet speed or could you use a better speed? This is mine (and yes, I'm satisfied with my internet speed): You can use a tool like speedtest.net to see your results. :)
  13. In WordPress, it's pretty easy to upload a favicon. The only requirement for your favicon is that it's a square and at least 512 x 512 if you wish to create it through WordPress customizer (the favicon sizes you need will be created by WordPress). You can do so by going to Appearance -> Customize and find the option to upload your favicon there. If your logo doesn't really seem fit to be the favicon on its own, you could just use the first letter of your brand's name and put it on a circle or square, for example. I wouldn't just use some generic icon you find somewhere or whatsoever.
  14. Nothing really, as I don't do graphic design. :P Anyway, in 2009 I first got into graphic design through a forum where people posted designs (I got there looking for a theme), but soon switched to web and later to UI / UX design instead and combined it with (frontend) development.
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