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  1. I've only ever had a trial of it and it was nice not having to watch the ads. I would never pay for it though
  2. We are a general discussion community aiming to help you get a little blast from the past. Cast your mind back to 2014. Life was simple. Forums were full of coloured usernames, special userbars and tight-knit communities. We want that back! So help us create it and let's have a great time. We want Discussion Hub to be a relaxed and calm environment. And to ensure smooth sailing, we have tried to avoid creating a huge list of guidelines and rules. Simply come on over, chat freely and enjoy yourselves. What do we have for you to enjoy? Upgraded Groups - Who doesn't love a special, uni
  3. I try not to be too strict since it's a general discussion forum and I want the community to be a laid back place for members to visit. Someone would have to do something really bad to end up getting a warning or a permanent ban.
  4. Always through my laptop (using Google Chrome)
  5. I count it towards the post count of my forum but it hasn't been a huge problem for me because the section doesn't have too many posts. If your forum games section has more posts than any other section of your forum, then it may be time to consider not counting it
  6. I would never consider it as most of my projects are hobbies and not something I would want to throw a lot of money towards. But, if you are expecting them to do a lot of services, like packages, then it may be better to pay them.
  7. I have never done it but I've seen a few different forums do it. It can be quite a good thing to do for certain communities especially if you are merging two active forums. I don't think I would want to go through the hassle though lol
  8. It's not a huge change but I do like the introduction of the thread types. That would be a great addition for promotion and webmaster communities.
  9. I don't mind it, to be honest. It's just a nice way to quickly say hello to the user. It usually doesn't take that much away from the forum itself so it's not a huge problem to keep it enabled.
  10. I love Android because I can just do whatever I want with it. I've customised it a lot to make it look great and I wouldn't be able to do that with an iPhone. That is the only thing holding me back from getting an Apple because I love how Apple continues to support their devices.
  11. A paid system is something I would never consider really because I feel that it would push away a lot of good potential members. Same with the invite-only system but I guess it could work for some communities.
  12. I agree with Puppuccino. The badges addon is a lot better for XenForo. It adds a bit of colour to your profiles. I've never really understood the point of trophies. If they added support for images to it, it would be a lot better.
  13. There used to be quite a lot of webmaster forums popping up but honestly, most end up closing after a few months. I honestly can't think of any large promotion forums right now (excluding webmaster ones). The only big ones I've been a member of are FP and Forum Hour
  14. Nice to see you here at Promotion Sea JennyorAlice. Welcome! I hope you have a good time here with us :)
  15. Ash

    Jason Here

    Welcome to the forum Jason. I hope you have a great time here at Promotion Sea :)
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