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  1. WordPress has been forcing the new PHP version since last few months. And it seems like 7.2 would be fixed standard for next few years with the WordPress. I think PHP 5 is pretty much out for most of the PHP frameworks online.
  2. Same niche forums can exchange the advertising space. And that definitely helps out in gaining new users and also random traffic. But gaming forum advertising on religion forum and vice versa may not work out well I assume.
  3. Groups on facebook are pretty much useful for etsy stores. I am considering that for one of my online store that I use to sell through quickr and etsy. And it seems to be okayish considering it is not always good for traffic but I do get some of the inqiury. So yeah promoting by those means is definitely a good options if you are facebook user.
  4. Free hosting for long term paid projects is not a good idea. In fact that may turn out into more of issues as you wish to change theme, or add some monetization options. Try proboards or forumotion and will see the struggles of the people who want to monetize. I can imagine the same issues with free domains of freenom or free hosting sites.
  5. We don't own the platform of such forums and so we are not in control and in long term that's draining money. So I don't see strong reason to invest into the tapatalk or proboards and forumotion for that matter.
  6. While searching for new ways to learn how to code I came across this site. It offers your various ways in which you can write the code and also solve the issues to get complete control over the language. You solve the problems, you move ahead in terms of levels. So it seems like a good approach for learning new languages. Have you tried Hackerrank before?
  7. A lot of communities have included the GIPHY into their forums or allow posting the GIPHY images as an answers to replies. if it's off topic such type of the one liner or one word with such images can be fun. But do you think adding such one word replies or GIF images in answer is a good practice in forums? Do you think does it kill good communities as in destroys good content? What do you think?
  8. It seems tiktok like mashup feature is being integrated into the Instagram under REEL feature. And there seems to be a lot of celebs and the influencers making use of the feature. And it may pick up like storm who knows. We just don't know if this feature completely replaces tiktok. Have you used this feature?
  9. If your project requires static site usage then maybe Hugo can be a good option for you. There are few other alternatives too. like ghost, eleventy etc. Depending on how much simple you want things, the static site generators are out there.
  10. That looks like a positive sign. I am thinking of using it too. I am just not sure and mostly skeptical about the usage. I know a lot of designers showcase their work and some of the time also helps in the resume.
  11. Microsoft owning Github. Releasing dotnet as open source. And open sourcing 99% of their work, 1% OS part is just commercial. Adopting Linux on Azure. Allows even usage of Mac in Microsoft HQ. I don't see any company being this much open dying in this era. If this were to be 1998s Microsoft, yes, they could be dead at this point.
  12. I am wondering though a lot of online buyers don't have the patience for things. I wonder if they even have patience for the mockup designs. I am guessing some clients do have but a lot of them don't.
  13. I like sites that allow users the preference. Because forceful dark themes are kind of bad. Especially for design specific sites and forums.
  14. I have noticed that a lot of people are pushing their ads on facebook. Like say boosted posts, group promotion and page ads. I think depending on your niche, your traffic and target market, these ads may or may not work. I heard a lot of folks have more better results with facebook instead of google adwords.
  15. Nobody is going to keep documentation and numbers. A lot of sites just use the agencies who do it for them. MOZ for example has been one such that pushed content marketing. They may be the one who hold the documentation and numbers. Real life is lot different than data science after all.
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