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  1. I've never heard of it before. What's it's selling points over something like IPB or phpBB?
  2. You joke but in certain scenarios I've recently found 3G to be faster than 4G somehow. I don't know how it's technically possible though.
  3. It depends on the seriousness of the offence. I think you only get one second chance. But to be given a warning / second chance you'd have to do something moderately shitty.
  4. Fair enough. Can't wait for the switch to phpBB
  5. Is there an option somewhere to hide the sidebar at all? I've checked the customiser controls and there doesn't seem to be an option to hide it. I don't really like to have it always there so it'd be good to have it hidden with a toggle switch or something perhaps?
  6. Hey, how will this work now the change to IPB is complete as the icons aren't next to names anymore. To be honest I don't think icons need adding back as badges are displayed a bit differently now anyway but that's just me.
  7. I came back yesterday to see what was up with Forumer after I had an email and I must say I do like IPB. What was the reason for switching to IPB from XenForo though? It's a welcome change fro me anyway, I think XenForo is overhyped for what it offers anyway.
  8. Love your username. 

  9. Do you work with APIs at all? Application Programming Interfaces are a way of two websites talking to each other and pass information across. They’re super useful and can often help you add functionality really easily. Have you worked with any APIs recently that you enjoyed at all? What were they and why did you enjoy the work?
  10. Lots of projects going on so it seems, anything that can be shared yet?
  11. Namecheap is pretty good for hosting, very flexible with good support.
  12. Do you have any projects in progress? I'm currently making an e-commerce store to sell some home made products which is a very new experience for me. What about you? Are you working on anything interesting that you can share yet?
  13. You would need a significant amount of time to make it viable, really. Why don't you start though? 'they' say it's never too late to switch careers!
  14. It depends on how serious it is. Permanently banning someone is not always feasible as it's easy to just create a new account and especially if you have a dynamic IP then you can't get blocked from the site.
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