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  1. We’re working hard on stable. Most of the software is already stable, and it’s the extension API that needs the most work. We are aiming for stable release by year-end
  2. Use this for my Flarum site currently, but no where near to the extent that I would like to (and will be doing once we develop our new ideas!)
  3. The three year contract strikes me as highly suspect also.... That's just bizarre.
  4. In my professional, non-biased opinion, I totally agree. MyBB would be more appropriate for a novice as Flarum requires a more technical installation currently.
  5. This is some really good feedback, like... really good. For me (seeing how I can't visit the site) : On the right, the "current rank" is shown twice, one with the userbar and one with text. This seems wasteful. I agree with @Moo-dthat your colour palette needs work - you have a red notification alert (fine for unread) blue bars, black "containers", gray background, purple icons... there's too much clash. I'd suggest a dark gray / red theme to keep everything uniform. This will form part of your brand. Your logo seems basic, and small for the container (this is actually f
  6. I absolutely love this rule. More places should do this.
  7. Used IPB before, so probably more used to it than most but yea, it takes some getting used to. Glad to see people are liking the site so far though!
  8. Seeing disposable masks thrown around the floor everywhere is making me so mad.... I've around 3 reusable masks that were handmade by a family friend. I usually cycle between these as they are being washed etc. Keeps it more sanitised this way also
  9. This can still be enforced in England, as an FYI.
  10. Katos

    New here!

    Top o' the morning to ya from another fellow Englishman! Hope you enjoy your time at Forumer, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to myself, @Thomasssor @s3_gunzel
  11. This - and at CreatorsWave we make use of audit logs to ensure that people are held accountable as they should be.
  12. What this guy said. Curious to whether you're renewing IPB though @Thomasss?
  13. Congratulations @Thomasss! Now, can you pop over here and sort the s---show that is our HR department? ...
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