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  1. There was an interesting discussion around this topic on a talk somewhere. The speaker hypothesised that actually, notifications could potentially do more harm than good as you only action your outstanding notifications and then move on, rather than being ‘forced’ to explore the site in full. whilst not an argument I wholly agree with, I found it an interesting thought
  2. I'm quite far down the list in the UK, but hoping to get it soon to be fair.
  3. The current CreatorsWave logo was made by a good friend of mine (for a fee). I will be looking to update this in time.
  4. This. But no, I usually don't charge for any upgrades (at least not currently). Especially given that my main project is currently undergoing monumental changes, and it'd be rather unfair in its current state to charge for it.
  5. Hey Naiwen! Nice to see you here, especially after all the years at FA
  6. Welcome to the community, fellow tea drinker!
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