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  1. I joined at a private cafe to learn graphic designing and ended up realizing that they didnt know anything and I self taught myself. I can see the issues of self learning, obviously. XD
  2. I think a conclusive answer can be given to this question after we analyse the post lockdown academic scenario. From my own material research, I understand that no online or smart way if teaching can replace conventional modes of education.
  3. I wont heed to bad mouthing at all. If they have some genuine concerns that is being brought to my attention in the right way, I try to tackle and make things right. Otherwise, I leave it. Badmouthing us still a form of advertisement xD
  4. Thanks everyone. Internal Medicine.
  5. I work for more than 12 hours everyday. I use my phone. I prefer using the laptop, but its not something I have here.
  6. I dont think I would hire from outside. If you are planning to hire from outside, it means a few things 1. There is no work for an additional staff unless you are looking to hire for someone to cover up your lack of technical knowledge. 2. It means that you dont trust your own members with staffing duties 3. It means that activity and new member registrations have not picked up in your forum and you need to work on that.
  7. Its difficult to maintain an invite only community because without fresh infusion and having people from all the strata of life, things will be difficult to sustain. There are certain niches like blackhat hackers, cults, conspiracy, commercial gatherings and stuff like that which justifies a invite only community. But otherwise, I find it very difficult to see the rationale.
  8. Thanks so much. I am pleased to hear that.
  9. Congratulations @Katos for your promotion and all the best for your new role.
  10. I agree with this. But you know....its definitely catchy xD
  11. Lord Saru

    Hi All!

    Hello and welcome to FIO. I believe that we have had the honor to work together previously.
  12. No. Check with my screenshot above. No 'hover' light blue bar.
  13. Yes. I see it now. Its beautiful <3
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