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  1. I have never tried online dating - I always worry about the potential dangers of meeting someone online, including meeting someone who is a completely different age to what they said were. It's something I'm wanting to try, as I'm not having much success in terms of relationships currently.
  2. Do they have to subscribe or pay a subscription to that specific YouTuber, or does YouTube chip in? And, are all channels eligible? How does the money get paid? Thank you, this is completely new to me.
  3. If your wanting to learn more about Crypto, what causes price fluctuation and volatile markets, I would recommend Coinbase Earn. They are online webinars and you get 2-3$ for watch a 2 minute video. It's easy money too! Watch this video:
  4. Some greats photos and scenery. Just out of curiosity, did you stay over night or was it a day drip? I hope you enjoyed the journey. I have a holiday in Christmas abroad in Cape Verde at Christmas, my favourite dining cuisine won't be the same! Buffets.
  5. This is something I never knew, surprisingly. When a viewer watches a video & has a premium membership, how does the content creator generate ad revenue? Does YouTube pay normally as if they don't have the subscription?
  6. Page load time matters, for any user. How would you feel if everytime you visited Google or Facebook your waiting 10 seconds+ for a page to load? You'd probably feel frustrated to say the least, and may end up leaving the site for good if your a new comer.
  7. Yes, I've used Media.net before. Without checking, I can't say how much the company pays for 1000 visits. The minimum cashout is 100$ and they only support Payoneer if your wanting to get paid. It would be useful if they integrated paypal too.
  8. Yes, I do sell ads directly as well as monetizing through Adsense. Customers purchase a text link in the footer of the forum, starting from 5$ a month. It's a good way to help cover web hosting & domain registrar costs.
  9. I'm using Auto Ads on Google Adsense but I'm running into many errors. There is a huge grey box on the top, where a ad placement should be. Perhaps it takes time to update or is this a glitch? Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  10. Yes & No. If you can obtain members who will passively be active, without the need to continue paying or completing a post exchange with them, then it's a good marketing technique. The issue is, when you stop completing post exchanges and requesting packages, the forum will soon die.
  11. I have a question about COVID-19 if you don't mind answering. When do you think "things" will return to normal completely? Next year, do you think this time we'll see people wearing masks & adhering to social distancing?
  12. I know my way better around the ACP on phpBB than any other forum software, so I would have to choose this one. It's simple, easy and the user interface is nice too. phpBB was the first open-source forum software I used for my first online community/project. It lasted for several years before I sold the board.
  13. No, is the answer. If my forum had passive activity and was gaining new posts, topics & contributions on a daily basis, there would be no need too. I'd much rather put more time into my project than posting on other people's communities.
  14. I have never purchased a bulk email list and sent out mass emails to market my website. I didn't know such a service existed until today. How would you send 100's of emails at once, without risking having your email banned for spam?
  15. My preferred advertising method is placing links & ad placements in my signature on webmaster forums that I'm most active on. It's free, doesn't cost anything, & increase the exposure of my webpage. One of my biggest worries with this technique is how many people will sign up? It's worth a shot.
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