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  1. Hey Thomasss @s3_gunzel We have removed the Auto Advertising and we are in the process of implementing custom placements.
  2. Yes way too early to start listening to christmas songs. The earliest we should start playing them is the 1st Dec. In the store I work in, they started playing some of the classic tunes towards the end of October!
  3. I self taught myself and started of graphic design at a young age, with GIMP. I then moved onto some of the Adobe products and tutored myself using YouTube tutorials & guides and learnt by trial and error. Even to this day, I'm still making mistakes and learning new aspects of graphic design.
  4. I'm thinking of switching from XenForo since the add-ons are very expensive. Is migration possible with XenForo to another open source software? What's the easiest way to undertake such a job as a webmaster?
  5. Okay, thank you for correcting me. But, lets say a webmaster wants to send a mass text message to all users, explaining a board update or a recent change. How does he or she overcome the international sending fees and undergo such a task?
  6. What's the point in having a quota or attachment size restrictions, if a webmaster has unlimited bandwidth and hosting? Should I start selling account upgrades which offer a higher limitation? I'm currently not on a unlimited plan!
  7. Working on completing my maths homework for tomorrows webinar. Since England went back into lockdown, my college has gone back to teaching online until further notice. I don't know how much longer it will be until we return to some normality.
  8. The problem with mobile gaming is that my battery life suffers and my phone overheats when playing video games. I already have problems with my iPhone battery as it is! I've played some great games over the years including: Smash Hit, Temple Run 2, & Hungry Shark Evo.
  9. I listen to pretty much anything just like yourself. But my favourite genres/styles/types of music to listen to would be in the dubstep and pop group. One of my most loved playlist to listen to, is on YouTube and it's called "Top 50 Best Songs of VEVO"
  10. I'm using the paid version of Spotify. I love using this music streaming service because of how simple the user interface is, a range of playlists to listen to, and of course, the benefits of subscribing to a membership. It's well worth it - hearing a audio ad after a song has played, can really spoil the atmosphere and mood.
  11. I agree, I would like a smaller rectangle style banner in the header. Currently, the ads are set to automatically display on my website. I'm fairly new to adsense - is there anyway to disable this placement in specific?
  12. I don't have a arcade plugin/modification installed on Bizdustry. Why? I'm highly concerned that there will be a decrease in the amount of topics and posts being published, and this could well drag activity away from the forum itself.
  13. I have changed the layout of Bizdustry and added "Tabs" so it's easier to browse. What are your thoughts now? Read more about these changes here.
  14. I completely agree with you here. Sometimes it doesn't purley depend on how active the community is, it could be whether the forum makes you feel like your apart of a family or home. Discussion Boards generally, are struggling in this era because of the increasing numbers of people turning to the likes of Facebook & Twitter.
  15. I think you misunderstood the original poster. Promotional Forums are organic traffic, and it's a free marketing method for your site. Most of these sites offer posting packages, posting exchanges & a free advertising sections to help boost your site's hits. One of the largest free webmaster communities is Forum Promotion.
  16. Does Google use the royal mail as their shipping courier? It's saying the estimated delivery timescale is 2-4 weeks and I've been reading somewhere that it's a longer wait time due to the pandemic. Makes sense
  17. I completely agree. It's the cheapest option. Although, paying for a yearly membership is a lot to pay upfront, so for some people, monthly repayments are the best option.
  18. Well, most likely, governments around the world will declare a national emergency, depending on how big the outbreak was. Similar stay at home orders like we've seen during COVID-19 would most likely be in place for our protection until they win the war or come to an agreement. It's hard to say and imagine!
  19. I'm really wanting to know how long the PIN codes takes to come. I live in England like you do. Is the delivery timeframe what google tells me or was it longer from experience? Many thanks!
  20. No, not texts in specific, as I believe this is a huge violation of user privacy and is too personal. I do, however, use a service called Tawk and this is where our members can contact us through a live chat. If we are not online, they can submit a support ticket and we'll get back within 24 hours.
  21. Congrats on the pet! I was thinking of buying a puppy - a german shepherd specifically. The problem is continuing these commitments is challenging while trying to baby sit & train a young dog.
  22. I have recently been accepted into the YouTube partner program and have access to monetization & the channel subscription feature. It took me some time to reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, but I finally did it. Yay!
  23. Well, what's the point in paying when we can install Adblockers (browser extensions) for free, instead? I understand you can "download" and watch videos offline, but you can't export it from the media site. It's not worth the money, I completely agree with you.
  24. I don't like decorating my room - I like to keep everything plain, simple & modern. Do you have any pictures you'd mind sharing of the room? I've never heard of a massive E-Ink display but each to their own, I suppose. @s3_gunzel
  25. I'm a computer gamer, specifically on the Laptop platform. My main gaming marketplace is Epic Games and two of my loved titles are GTA V & Fortnite. I also use Mojang to play Minecraft, but I'm never playing competitively regardless of the video game.
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