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  1. Do you mean unmoderated or unmoderated? If it's an unmoderated site and you widely advertise it as such, expect a lot of busywork to keep it in compliance. And there is a chance your host, ISP or CDN (most notably, Cloudflare) may decide to cut you off for one reason or another. Terminating Service for 8Chan Contrary to how the media paints it, the site did have a basic level of moderation. And it steered slightly away from outright lawlessness. But it ended up drawing in a bad crowd and ultimately got shutdown. There wasn't reasonably much they could have done, much like how there wasn'
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scunthorpe_problem https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ScunthorpeProblem Have you ever had to wrestle with the Scunthorpe Problem? (When filters go wrong and mess things up)
  3. I have seen a lot of drama and really genuinely controversial subjects too. You sometimes have to draw the line between a controversial opinion and an attack on another user or someone trying to stir up trouble. It isn't as easy as it may appear and you may get accused of being censorious. It depends on the site and what sort of conversations you want to facilitate. I respond to plain drama in a few ways. Public warnings (to set a standard in the community regarding what I'm willing to tolerate), warnings in PMs and if you someone never learns, or they think they're above the rules, a ban.
  4. Guest posting attracts a lot of spam and mitigating that spam makes it enough of a pain to just be worth registering normally. It has it's uses but it makes it harder for users to manage their data (data deletion requests) and it makes it harder to follow discussions. A MyBB Developer left a demo open with guest posting, they went away and bots showed up and it got filled with like a million spam posts.
  5. It depends on the section. If you have a thread to accept job applications, you may want the thread poster to be able to close their thread when they're done (but not open it again?).
  6. It depends on what they did and whether they're likely to learn from a warning. If I feel someone is deliberately messing me around, I will just ban them on the spot. I hate banning people so this in practice is really rare and you will usually get a PM of some sort or a public post specifically detailing the violations and telling you to knock it off. Accidental conduct will never lead to a ban. I'm not that unreasonable, even if I can be heated in a debate although that is separate from moderation.
  7. I haven't had to deal with it although another moderator on a chat I moderated did have to deal with someone who donned swastika and had the name Hitler. Such avatars could be considered a form of trolling and adds nothing of value to a community (unless you're running a Nazi forum).
  8. How do you think you and society would react if fantasy creatures suddenly became real one day? Giant rats. Dragons. Fairies.
  9. Talking to myself and creating multiple identities would feel really weird and uncomfortable.
  10. Do you think there are aliens out there? Do you think they have already been here and left? Do you think we may have been created by aliens like some people think?
  11. There are many stories of people supposedly being reborn and being able to remember things they never could have known except through memories of past lives. Do you think this is true or false? Do you think reincarnation could exist more generally?
  12. Do you think it possible through technological, societal or other changes that a utopia could be achieved? Do you think it is more likely to lean towards being a dystopia?
  13. Let's say your dog or other animals could talk or were capable of sentient thought. How would you treat them? How would the world treat them? How would you like it to treat them? What do you think would happen?
  14. Animals can't comprehend the concept of being tested on, however if they were sentient, it would be exceedingly unlikely they would want to be tested on.
  15. Do you think that people who willingly do evil things will get what's coming to them in one way or another?
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