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  1. Do you have any testimonials from your current customers? I'd put some of those on the website!
  2. Congrats! That's a lot of money for a forum to fundraise.
  3. Life of pi bery good movie with beautiful pictures!!
  4. Hello Mitch, welcome aboard! ?
  5. I was once stuck in a traffic jam in London for 5 hours and after seeing all the motorcycles weaving in and out of the traffic (as well as being a lover of speed) I decided the next day I would buy a motorcycle. I did just that, I bought a Kawasaki ZX-7R the next morning. A super bike with extreme performance, which was incredibly stupid given my lack of experience. Over the next few weeks I learned to ride it as I didn't have a licence, so it was all trial and error really. It is a miracle I didn't crash or die considering the circumstances and how I used to drive it.
  6. These days I am enjoying my free time as well, it is very good to take some free time to enjoy your hobbies,whatever you like to do.
  7. I'm OK with criticism, if it's constructive. I'm not OK with sarcasm, or biting remarks, or remarks made just to be rude and insensitive. That's not a criticism. That's just being disrespectful and discourteous.
  8. While it’s not a bad idea, it would be very time consuming for someone to check all the content that has been made and put a price on it that might not always been justified.
  9. ARD

    Hello All

    Hello Nobleman, welcome aboard! ? Pleasure to meet you!
  10. Go to Bloglovin and add your blog. Also, if you are on Pinterest, create a pinboard and share your blog post links. Folks on Pinterest love DIY stuff. Also, look for Group Boards on Pinterest to join. Lastly, join groups on Facebook.
  11. I disagree. I don't think PTC is fake traffic. It's real traffic. But it's not traffic from unique visitors. The first clicked visit is a unique visit but after that it's just the same visitor clicking the same ad over and over and over. But the visitor is real and the traffic is real.
  12. I have tried a few of those free traffic exchange sites and other free traffic resources. In the end, the best way to get free traffic is social media. You have to work at it, but it works. Short term and long term. That's been my experience.
  13. Welcome aboard Glory19. ?
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