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  1. It depends on what I am doing. If I am programming/developing, I use my desktop. If I am browsing the web, posting on Reddit/Forums then I can use a laptop or iPad. I don't own a laptop as I don't feel the use since I have an iPad but it functions as my laptop so I feel it applies. Anyway, it really depends on what I am doing.
  2. Alright. That is true. To each their own, I guess. Did not know about the https though. I always thought https was as secure as you could get online without a VPN. Am I wrong?
  3. I think they are all game-changers. I love the way big sur looks... though I don't own a mac. WatchOS 7 & iOS 14 betas have been running well for my husband and I. I was able to get them installed the day of WWDC and I love the widgets and everything that was changed. I can't believe how amazing it is. I could talk for days on the matter (which is why I'm about to post a medium article about it lol). Before I start rambling, what do you think? Do you use iOS?
  4. Does Discord not encrypt the messages? I'm curious about that one. I always wondered why people care so much about encryption via iMessage. That's a nice feature to have but unless you are carrying government secrets on your phone or it is a work device or you are sending naughty images to someone, what is the point of having it when you are texting? Those are the only 3 scenarios I could think where encryption would be necessary or wanted. I love iMessage simply for the fact that it works even when I don't have a signal as long as I have WiFi. Plus the react features and reply features
  5. For me, it was The Simpsons on Disney+. I've been rewatching it from the beginning as I'm hoping I don't finish it until new shows come out on Hulu and besides South Park they are the ones with the longest-running TV show so I know it will take up plenty of hours of my time. What about you?
  6. Which do you think is better? I'm half and half between iMessage and Discord myself. I never use Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp as I am in the USA and neither are popular here... well Facebook is but I rarely go on Facebook anymore. I used to use Snapchat but stopped because it is super annoying, I now only use it to video chat my sister and mom since I live on the West Coast while they are on the East Coast... though I'll be moving to the East Coast around July 15.
  7. I make sure to put in at least 1 hour a day to manage my projects unless something comes up or work is hectic and I need a day off. We all need mental days. I know 1 hour doesn't seem like much but my project is a subreddit that has other mods that help out as well as discord servers that really only need advertising to get new members. So 1 hour a day is a lot for the minimal projects I have. The rest of the time I'm putting into learning C++. What about you?
  8. I do, especially since in most servers, there is at least 1 off-topic channel where you can chat in. There are some places, like on Facebook Groups, where off-topic chatting doesn't happen unless you message people privately. I own 4 communities, though 1 isn't live yet, and they all have at least 3-4 separate channels for off-topic chat. One is all about communities of people who are 18+ (simply to keep out the immaturity of younger people) and it is just a community. What about you? Do you use Discord? What do you think about it?
  9. That is true. The subreddit I own doesn't qualify as a community simply because it is all about helping people learn how to program but there are others like r/Sydney that would.
  10. I use social media and SEO to promote my Etsy Store and Medium articles. So far it is working really well and people are visiting my articles and store daily. I make good money this way. What about you?
  11. I have used free hosting before and I have offered it as well. Free hosting is good for the advertising but the kind of people you get that use free hosting are people that either know a lot about hosting and are happy with whatever they get or don't know anything and need help with every tiny little thing. It is very annoying as a hosting owner, which is one of the reasons (a minor one though) that I stopped offering hosting.
  12. I believe it is but I could be biased because I own a subreddit myself. I see them as the most popular community nowadays as social media is taking over. Not as many people are visiting blogs or forums anymore. Forums are a niche market themselves and becoming less and less visited every year. It may be going up now because of COVID but it will go back down once we get our new normal.
  13. I believe there is. Forums, in general, are very vast and there are a lot of them. Yet, I don't see people visiting them as much. I mean I didn't visit them for the last year until recently.
  14. Oh god. Not this again. Lol I see black and blue.
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