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  1. I've not used MyBB, not for any of the forums I've ever started before. So, I can't say what problems there are with MyBB since I don't really use it.
  2. I'm using WordPress for my blog. I've had my blog since January of last year and so far I've enjoyed using WordPress.
  3. I usually will give out friendly reminders, a warning, and a suspension before I go to a permanent ban from the forum. In order to skip those steps and go straight to the permanent ban, the person would have to do something bad.
  4. Having the option of using a free forum software, it allows these people starting up a forum to see if their project is going to take off or not before investing money in it. If the project fails, you're not out any money.
  5. I would think it would depend on the person's work ethic. If they are a good worker, then show that on the forum. If they aren't a good worker, then that is going to show in their work as well.
  6. I use to use Zetaboards. Wish they were still around, I would still be using them if they were. Right now I am currently using Proboards.
  7. Hello everyone! How are you? A little bit about me....I enjoy reading (a lot), watching movies, spending time with my dog, catching up on my favorite tv shows, playing video games and spending time online. If you want to know more about me, just ask. Otherwise, I'll be seeing you around.
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