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  1. Jason

    Jason Here

    Thanks, i hope i will have a great time here :)
  2. Jason

    Jason Here

    Greetings all, this is Jason from India. Nice to be part of this cool forum. I own a forum and i love running websites :)
  3. I run my forum as a hobby and want to keep it free for now. I will consider your point and invest in a paid software if i want to build a great community and sell it or make money out of it.
  4. So hard work can also help a free forum software to reach heights. But paid has advantages over free as many features of free are available by default. I am thinking of running the forum with free software for a while and then upgrade to paid one.
  5. I easily get offended for simple criticism. Eventhough most of the criticism given to me was for the benefit of me i get emotional and i feel the person is against me or bad. Now my thoughts are changing and i am readily accepting criticism.
  6. I know comparing is incorrect, but few forums with huge no of posts or users use phpbb or MyBB as their software and they haven't upgraded to paid. Does it also depend on our requirement?
  7. Do you think paid forum softwares have upper hand when compared with free forum software in terms of SEO, traffic and indexing?
  8. Welcome to Admin Retail, glad you found the forum. You will surely earn more here once you started posting ?
  9. Sorry i was not clear in my original post. I am using BB 5 and every converter still supports BB4. Then i think I better live with the latest Burning Board as i there is no alternative. Thanks for the help
  10. What i meant is that, they have a file in Xenforo store which can be attained only if you are a customer. Normal users can't download the converter (user submitted converter) from the website. I don't want Xenforo nulled to test it.
  11. @Chase I think MyBB is good as it is open sourced and have many no of plugins in their store. Note: My current board is Burning Board 5.1 and all the converters support till BB 4. I saw one method in Xenforo but you need a license to download and test it.
  12. Thanks for the offering your help, it would be great if you help me in converting the forum and i will pay you through PayPal. Just let me know what do you need
  13. There is no trouble, everything is good as of now. As i run the project for fun I thought i downgrade to free and get some money by selling the WoltLab license. I have a premium theme for MyBB and i like to make use of it
  14. Jason


    Hello Sappy, welcome to the forum. Glad you joined us.
  15. Nothing specific, i just want to move to free forum script and sell the Woltlab license. I like the script but i love to run my fun project using MyBB. Thanks i will check with the forum.
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