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  1. That's a pretty good deal. Shared doesn't work for me tho. I blew that up long ago. hehe How popular is your blog?
  2. Nah, haven't tried it. I currently own several domains, but they are all in use, and none are really that valuable! hehe
  3. That's a lot for a VPS. How much space do you get?
  4. Ouch. I rather disliked Zetaboards. Haven't used Proboards since back in the day.
  5. I like phpBB but quickly moved to Xenforo 2.1 and didn't look back. :D
  6. My oldest domain currently was registered in 2015. I've had my own domains since 2001, but didn't renew any of them. hehe
  7. Yup. One of my topics of interest is mental health and so I've attracted members from many other similar forums. Things have slacked off a bit tho. :(
  8. I'm totally down with free stuff, but after posting on and using free forums for my own site or free "hosted" forums, I find them to be quite lacking. I've used paid hosting since my first site in 1997, and for forum software, I love Xenforo. :)
  9. hehe You're missing out! :D
  10. I used cPanel for many years when I was on shared hosting, and I think VPS. When I switched to a fully dedicated server, I was give Plesk. Wow, it is far superior and offers way more control over the server. I'll never go back! hehe
  11. I don't hire/use staff. The only exception is my new forum which I co-own. It was her idea, and I set it up. We are both Admins.
  12. I think such forums can be quite helpful. I used to do post exchanges with other forums I'd find there. It did get a little tedious tho and I stopped. My newest forum, which I co-own, has really picked up and without any post exchanges! :D
  13. Cool. Is it managed or un-managed? Mine is un-managed and I have complete control over the server. Pretty neat! :)
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