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  1. I've discovered the secret of using social media to market a product, business or brand. The secret? You have to treat each social network as its own community. Seriously! Let's say you have a message forum and you make a FB page for it but also a Twitter as well. You have three online communities that need to be ran like each of them is your main online community. If you just use social for quick advertising, it will fail or be very very slow. But if you treat each platform as its own and link them all - success will follow. It takes hard work to make things happen!
  2. I try to follow a simple but effective strategy for integrating Search Engine Optimization into my brand daily activities. I focus on keywords and relate-able content on each social media site and use a common "nickname" so that each site can be associated with one and other. How about you all, what are your techniques?
  3. These programs are becoming a popular thing on Instagram where IGers will promote gear and products for a brand and then get paid for it or get free stuff from the brand. I've done it a few times and it has been pretty rewarding. What do you all think about something like this?
  4. For those of you who sell ads directly, how do you determine the cost and benefits of the ads? I mean what do you charge and for what do you charge? Ad selling directly is something I want to get into one day but don't really have a real strategy for it.
  5. How do you feel about those who register the .org and .net domain names of their .com domain name in order to try to protect the domain name brand? Do you find this to be required or not worth the trouble?
  6. My oldest domain name is my first and last name. I've had it for a long time, 11 years to be exact. I really don't have anything on it right now but I plan to eventually use it for something. Maybe a generalized vlog channel for YouTube in the future and I'll use it for my official website :) Hmmm How about you folks?
  7. For those of you who run or help manage message forums, how strict are you with your members? Are you one to give warnings, discipline and ban quickly? Or other? Myself, I'm laid back but that all changes when I'm walked on.
  8. When wanting to make a website (not a forum), what is your go to? I go to WordPress to act as my website. I love WP. I use premium themes and am a Jetpack subscriber. It has worked great for me for many years. How about you all?
  9. I've read a lot of articles from people not trusting the new TLDs. I'd rather have the good old fashion .com because in the end, MySite.com is way better to remember than MySite.Blog
  10. The problem I find with free software is the lack of updates. Many of the more popular free forum software platforms haven't been updated in over a year. You can't tell me that forum software is that safe and secure?! I've been a fan of XenForo since they became public. I was one of the ones than went from vBulletin to XF.
  11. I don't think they're a bad idea as long as you limit them. I've noticed a trend where it is the same users on all the smaller ones. So I only join a few so that I can find a variety of different users. It is the same with other niches too I use to own Another Admin forum, if any of you remember that? Long time ago... I had the same members that were on all the other smaller admin and webmaster forums. The same when I ran a weather forum, same members from all the other weather forums.
  12. I could be earning a few hundred a month with adsense on my YouTube videos right now but I film everything on public land and expensive commercial use permits are required unless you want to risk potentially being sued by the federal government later down the road. Needless to say, adsense pays me about $100 a year for the few videos I film on private land.
  13. I pay $65 a month for managed VPS hosting. I enjoy the service providing and have been with Dreamhost now for over 10 years. I used to use their managed dedicated server plan but I don't have a need for that much resources at this time. VPS is good for my needs, shared would be too little.
  14. I hire volunteers but not very many. I try to make it worth being a volunteer and hard to become one to make it more prestigious if you will. But if I every did get paid and I could share some wealth, I probably would do that.
  15. Thanks for the welcome everyone :)
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