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  1. Whether they apply to outside the EU or not, the EU cannot take you to court in other countries, and they certainly cannot enforce the legislation if you, well, don't live in their jurisdiction....
  2. That is a tad harsh. If members can receive warnings, why is it not the same standard with your staff?
  3. I feel like you just copied that from their website.
  4. How many warnings do you give a member who repeatedly misbehaves/breaks the rules before banning them?
  5. Say a member leaves a community and requests that his identity be deleted? Or that all of his Threads/Posts be removed? What are the ethical and legal ramifications? What do you do...?
  6. This is awesome! Nice to see a charity event back!
  7. I wonder if the Community Collaboration board is where that would go?
  8. I'm surprised that people are genuinely surprised by this. cPanel has grown too big for their own good and this is exactly what you can continue expecting - price model updates will be a normal thing for them I feel like. It's a shame they've become corporate monsters.
  9. I'm curious, do you issue a lot of infractions on CF? I've always been weary about issuing infractions using the warning system unless we have a great need for it. I prefer to message the users and leave it at that. Our community does not have many rules to begin with.
  10. Someone get TapaTalk to sell the domain!
  11. I feel like what @s3_gunzel mentioned, unless you're in a group of people who know what and what not to post, you should always have rules and moderators ensuring compliance. Hosting agencies have their own set of rules too of what content is allowed on their servers, so by the bare minimum, you should be following their guidelines.
  12. Here ya'll go: HackerRank
  13. How is the ol' pup doing now?
  14. Welcome to Forumer! :)
  15. The deaths of COVID are real, the disease is real - media might over exaggerate at some point because they are news outlets, but hospitals are still being over crowded because of COVID - people are still dying quicker, and we're running out of supplies. People whom think wearing a mask in public is hindering their rights should be smacked with COVID itself.
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