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  1. Thanks. Was having issues log in today .
  2. After much considerations. Josemendez is here.
  3. I think it is a good way to ensure quality content in the site and avoid scammers . Though most times such sites are too strict .
  4. The fact is that YouTube has grown to an extent that it has gotten peoples trust and cannot be easily overshadowed by any similar site.
  5. Yes. This normally makes me to participate less in such sites as I don't like poor content. Short comments may not be bad depending on the question but there are some that don't need short comments .
  6. My normal offline work does not encroach into the weekend and am happy for that . The only work I do during weekend is earning online ,indact weekends is the best time I earn online .
  7. Most people that write article for sites probably may not have time to control their own site , some have a good paying job and only use article writing as a hobby . Secondly , you need to have a good skills in order to run a site .
  8. Welcome to adim retail . we are glad to have you here . do enjoy your stay.
  9. Most times , there is situations where business owners treats their workers as they desire without think of the morality of their acts . Another issue with this is the right approach to correcting them as they may feel bad about it and may fire the worker for correcting them . The question is ,how best can they be corrected as some of them will still not accept their wrong doing even if you did the correction in a calm way . They are too proud to accept their offenses .
  10. I am currently learning this language and is quite easy and interesting. Though I am learning it on my own because of my work schedule. I wish I will have enough time to master it .
  11. I believe images add meaning to a post . It summarise the post with a few glance . Do you think that attachment of images to post helps to improve the quality and content if the post ?
  12. Wow. Am hearing this for the first time now . initially I thought it is the other way round.
  13. You are welcome to adim -retail.
  14. Welcome bro . good to have you .
  15. Lol . funny name you got there. Welcome on board bro .
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