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  1. Have any of you seen CODO Forum? I've been keeping tabs on them since their release and asked a few questions and I gotta say, the admin team is responding to every bug and post of their support forum. Might be worth a view. They have a simple layout instead of the traditional threaded forum view. The only thing I'm not sure about is their choice of styling. Which is literally just Bootstrap lol But, that does make it easy to create a custom theme from scratch IMO. https://codoforum.com/
  2. What are you're thought on an unmoderated forum? By unmoderated I mean post content is only removed if its spam or a legal issue (i.e., death threats, how to create illegal devices, etc).
  3. If I had to choose a GUI control panel I would be Plesk. It's less expensive than cPanel, more user-friendly, faster, and less cluttered. I used cPanel for a long time. Once they raised their prices I swapped around for a few different control panels and finally settled on Plesk. A few honorable mentions are: CentminMod (highly recommend) Webmin/Virtualmin VestaCP Sentroa is a shame. Could be a great cPanel clone. It doesn't support php 7.x lol So I would stay away from unfortunately.
  4. 100% agree. I've literally never heard of a host doing forced shutdowns. It's industry standard that you offer 99.99% uptime. Even the worst reseller offer that lmao
  5. Wow lol Here its only $7.25 USD. lol
  6. It works quite well. I use it on all my projects. Almost half (roughly 48%) of users were converted from this tactic. +1 for IPS lol
  7. I have a few projects I'm currently working on. At the moment am focused on StackBB, but I'm considering waiting on IPB 4.5 to release before I can finish my site.
  8. Check out hostus.us I've been with them for almost 10 years. I've never used their shared hosting as I've only used VPS and Dedi now.
  9. Guest posting has been an option depending on the niche of the community. Although, in recent updates of IPS you can enable guest posting which allows them to create a post, but, once they go to submit it, they will be faced with an account registration page in order to finish post it. I have gotten a lot of conversion with this feature.
  10. I own multiple IPS licenses. They are worth the price but get expensive fast lol
  11. I’m currently working on building an online business called StackBB. In real life I own a business which enables me to have a lot of free time lol
  12. I've thought about starting my own design business. But, I don't have the time to dedicate towards updates and what not.
  13. Ah...I love the layout and designs people have made. But, I really need blog integration. Which XF doesn't offer for some reason? I'm honestly just looking for a reason not to buy another IPS license.
  14. I'm very close... lol I just need to finish a few sections on the home page and decide what type of community software I want to use. Stuck between using Xenforo or something more lightweight like Discourse or Vanilla.
  15. Some times I will purchase a theme or use a free one. Although, I always end up editing that theme so heavily that you can barely tell it was a paid theme. lol I've built on phpBB, myBB, vB, and IPB. Still haven't had a reason to use Xenforo quite yet. I'm looking for a reason actually lol
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