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  1. Yes that is true. The page builders tend to have issue with the code. You have to focus on only editor part though. That's one reason the page builders are out there in the market. I personally think that page builders would be ruling the future as many people want to avoid the code in near future so that is one thing to watch out for.
  2. So I purchased Elementor Pro license this black friday. And theme seems to be pretty good. Though theme does not have much packed in with it. I kind of expected more freebies with the pro plans. But you don't get much to be honest. So not sure how they are justifying the price. I may consider moving to beaver if I don't find any good design specific value. That being said, have you tried Elementor Theme for WordPress?
  3. If you are into the app development and do not want to use much code and want to use existing services for building something. In such case you can use the Bubble. This app allows you to connect with various services like Google Docs, excel, Zapier etc. And that way you can build the easy to design websites this way. And also you can start your own startup or some hobby app this way. Have you checked out Bubble?
  4. I think too much free time kind of confuses me on what to do ahead. So I tend to keep myself busy and also spend time with the games. Another thing is that spending free time with nothing to look for in future can be pretty damaging too. So I just make sure to make list of tasks to be done in near future and work on it.
  5. If you take videos every now and then they maybe you may like the rumble. Though most of the pets and the random videos on the family and stuff sell over there. But don't expect it to become the youtube. It is kind of out there for years but yet to even beat one channel of youtube. I think it'd be like dailymotion, pretty medium level stuff.
  6. Ha ha. I would go with robotic wife. The reason being this way men won't be controlled through law and the soft corner of women oppression. And also robotic wife are more likely to be better companion than the real women. Plus the best part is they would be and can be trained for your old age too. So I'd hope that like pets, we can also have robotic wife.
  7. I don't think Rumble will ever defeat the youtube. Even facebook tried to defeat but most of the people make more money on youtube than on any platform. So that part shows you it is not even possible to defeat them as of yet. Soon it may happen but not this year. Because you need to be household name for that to come out true.
  8. I think they can be used for a therapy. Like say those who have social anxiety. Or say you are into the cabin fever and need someone to connect with you. I think in such case those sort of the pets can be handy. Real pets are always healthy. But I think we need robotic wife and robotic maid. Because that we tend to have less social issues and we can survive better.
  9. Not sure why you are trying to do the cloud based testing. I don't think anyone offers any such feature because with selenium and crawlers usually end up eating lot of CPU powers if used for scraping. You can check out on Windows. By the way not sure if this is relevant for your case but Runkit can interact with python shell. So something like this may work?
  10. I used to remember a lot of numbers like bike number, phone numbers etc. But soon I have developed kind of forgetting habit which is genetic in our family. I'd say that in such context remembering the phone number becomes harder as well. I tend to keep the backup in multiple places and this way even if I forget one place I can remember another and then that keeps me in loop.
  11. Though not a lot of people claim that they are finding the value out of the rumble. I think in such case mostly the funny and original videos must be making them some amount of money. I think rumble may not be able to replace youtube by long miles by plenty of reasons there.
  12. I think it's hard to change people. And if they only come to you when they need any form of help. I think the best you can do is move to some other place and avoid contacts with them. I prefer to follow that approach and I wish it would solve problem. But I think some of the time we have to come out of the introvert shell and prefer to do things proactively.
  13. Is this something similar to the Google Sketchup? I have mostly the experience with the Google sketchup as it is one of those easy to use and also easy to export type of the 3D landscape software. I have mostly used the free version of it. I am sure there are many premium apps out there which can be used for in depth designs.
  14. I have my custom blog. And it is in homesteading and DIY niche. So I feel like most of the facebook groups are not welcoming to adding the links etc. I guess that could be one problem if you ask me. I wish to get links from the small blogs and have some sort of the following for my blog. But I don't post on regular basis so that is kind of limiting to me.
  15. Upper hand in context of themes, plugins and features definitely. You have to spend a lot of time for free themes to get those things going. But that's just half or more part of equation behind successful site and not all percent.
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