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  1. I have a domain of my first and last name too that I got about 12 years ago. I still have yet to use it. Not sure what I can use it for.
  2. Nope I am finished with school. I think going to college/university is a waste of money. They say it's really hard to find a job in most fields, even if you have a college degree.
  3. I'll read a book once in awhile but if I had a choice between reading or watching sports/movies I choose the latter of the two.
  4. I am in Toronto so we have the Leafs, Jays, Raptors, Toronto FC. A bunch of minor league teams as well. Toronto is a big city.
  5. Mcdonalds? Not for me thanks! Here we have a restaurant called Swiss Chalet and I really like their french fries and their signature sauce they have for it.
  6. I hate wearing masks but I do it. I don't make too big of a deal about it unless I'm joking around with friends and complain about it with them but when I have to, I do it.
  7. Technology is great, it helps with many things and one of that is making us lazy in 'real life?' meaning we don't talk much in person anymore everything is online. Technology has made life way easier for us though.
  8. I don't think I've ever wore a suit for a job interview and I got the job. I still dressed nice.. beige pants/shorts and a buttoned up shirt but never a suit. I guess I lucked out!
  9. I would be huge like Arnold Schwarzenegger! I need to work out way more then I currently am. I used to be more dedicated to it. I should get back into it.
  10. I am bad at this but I usually don't have breakfast. My first meal of the day is lunch. I should have breakfast more often.
  11. I enjoy playing sports in the rain or even walking in the rain. I rarely use an umbrella. The rain makes playing sports more challenging.
  12. I'm cleaner than most guys my age but I'm still pretty messy from time to time. I always let the dishes pile up.
  13. I broke my arm while playing baseball. I guess I threw the ball too many times and heard a loud pop and it was pretty painful after.
  14. I am Canadian and I hate the snow and the cold. I love everything else about Canada just not the weather so during the winter time I'm always complaining about the weather.
  15. I am in the Eastern side of Canada and it's beautiful here. The scenery is amazing! Hot summers, cold winters.
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