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  1. In the past, I would have been more than happy to do this. However, the main reason that I am not is due to the fact that I do not have the time to exchange posts like this. Free time is a luxury for me now unfortunately. But if I did have the time, I would've definitely exchanged posts. I feel like it's great to help others out with activity.
  2. I see you seem quite interested in crypto. Crypto is not really my strong suit and I am willing to learn more about it. I guess I have a little knowledge only with Bitcoin and trading with it as well as the volatility behind it. I would really like to learn more about others though, particularly the CRO one you mentioned.
  3. This is an area that I am extremely interested in (particularly since it's what I'm majoring in at university). I have somewhat a basic understanding of economics because I did study it for 2 years before (but at quite an introductory and simplified level). I really enjoy microeconomics (despite how mathematically involved it is) and find the theory of the firm and consumer preferences to being my favourite parts. If anyone is open to discussing economics in this thread, then just post below and I will be happy to chime in if I can understand what's being talked about and learn some new s
  4. I was tempted to use this for web hosting when I first came into choosing a host for my site. However, I did find a better deal with another company. I couldn't say anything about their products however and I don't use VPS anyways.
  5. Yea this is quite an issue sometimes with MyBB. I used to experience the issue myself and did find a thread about it (the one that @Katos linked) to help. Haven't really had anyone or myself experience the issue anymore.
  6. I think that with some free software, you definitely have the freedom to customise it to your choice. At least that is with my experience of using MyBB. And there are some really great free themes out there for free software too that can also be tweaked with very very basic HTML, PHP and CSS. I personally prefer free software to the paid one and will continue using MyBB as I think it fits my needs but would pay for plugins etc. for any custom or exceptional needs.
  7. Yea have some general stuff up and ready to allow potential users to chime in! It really will help you get some users in who will engage and hopefully those threads will take off and allow the cycle to continue. Opening a site with no content is quite the deterrent for visitors. Be active before and after as well.
  8. Wow that's really impressive. How long did it take to create your own custom-built forum? How difficult was it? Also, It's nice to see a variety of software used by sites.
  9. It feels quite smooth and modern! It's a really nice change and I'm sure a lot of the users will appreciate it. Congratulations on it!
  10. I self-taught myself. I've had an interest for graphics for some time now (a few years) and do it as a hobby to pass time. Mainly Photoshop now but, I did use After Effects, Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D a fair bit. I was really interested in the area so that's why I self-taught myself using YouTube videos and tutorials. It is quite difficult to get to the very high standards but, I think with a lot of dedication and effort, it could be done quite easily!
  11. I definitely like the use of Photoshop and I personally find it quite easy to use. However, as a free alternative, GIMP really isn't that bad at all (but to be honest, it has been some time since I did use it). I would also think paint.net is not bad too. But, I would definitely consider Photoshop highly because it is just much easier to navigate and use.
  12. Thanks guys, I do appreciate the feedback. I haven't been as active due to university but will take on everything mentioned over time!
  13. So these are some of the stuff that I have made in the past. I don't really make graphics anymore because I simply don't have the time to commit to it as I have a lot going on now. But, I would like to showcase my portfolio of stuff that I did manage to create a few months ago. I used Photoshop. It's a very easy program to self teach and can create some really amazing work (I wouldn't consider my stuff to be amazing to the other work that exists out there). I am also quite open to feedback on the current work (it's not a lot but, any future work may follow the same sort of pathway
  14. I used to use disposables but then got a pretty cool one from my university for free which I use instead.
  15. I like 5 guys one. Not only do they taste really good but they tend to overfill you with the portions
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