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  1. Good job, the new designs look really fresh.
  2. Usually on my desktop pc or my surface pro.
  3. That's an extensive list, thank you for sharing. Unsplash is great. Pexels seems very nice also, especially with all those videos.
  4. Yeah, Affinity is great, and I love that I don't need to pay for an expensive subscription. I have Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher.
  5. I've tried it and I liked it, but it's too expensive for my taste.
  6. I really like IPB because it feels modern and professional, it's also easy to customize and expand with various official addons.
  7. Dreamhost is my favourite. They have a good ACP and support team.
  8. Unless your target group is webmasters then the answer is no. But some promotion forums can have other benefits for forum administrators, such as interesting discussions and networking. But again, I wouldn't waste my time "promoting" my forums on these platforms.
  9. This is true, but the open-source version of Vanilla is by design a pretty basic and traditional forum software compared to Flarum. It's also much easier to set up and get started with than Flarum which requires a bit more knowledge to deploy.
  10. I enjoy visiting and participating in various forums so I would still exchange posts simply because it's fun.
  11. My first forums ran phpbb and it was a decent forum software back in the days. But today? Nah, I don't know. Today I would probably go with Vanilla or Flarum.
  12. I would never have more than three different ads on a single page. It's better to just have a few - but good - ad placements than too much noise imho.
  13. I usually only display ads for guests and let my signed in users get an ad-free experience.
  14. I am sorry if I were a bit unclear in my post, but I didn't mean the ACP but the actual account settings page for regular users.
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