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  1. Unless your target group is webmasters then the answer is no. But some promotion forums can have other benefits for forum administrators, such as interesting discussions and networking. But again, I wouldn't waste my time "promoting" my forums on these platforms.
  2. This is true, but the open-source version of Vanilla is by design a pretty basic and traditional forum software compared to Flarum. It's also much easier to set up and get started with than Flarum which requires a bit more knowledge to deploy.
  3. I enjoy visiting and participating in various forums so I would still exchange posts simply because it's fun.
  4. My first forums ran phpbb and it was a decent forum software back in the days. But today? Nah, I don't know. Today I would probably go with Vanilla or Flarum.
  5. I would never have more than three different ads on a single page. It's better to just have a few - but good - ad placements than too much noise imho.
  6. I usually only display ads for guests and let my signed in users get an ad-free experience.
  7. I am sorry if I were a bit unclear in my post, but I didn't mean the ACP but the actual account settings page for regular users.
  8. I would delete their account and all their posts and content if they requested it. I wish that IPB would have a built-in feature which allowed my users to easily delete their posts and/or account from their account settings page. I think I've seen a plugin that does something like that in the marketplace. But I'd rather use as few plugins as possible, so until IPB releases a similar function I use a special section in my forum where users can request a copy of their data or ask for their account to be removed. So far, it's worked pretty well. I've only had two people ask for their accoun
  9. How is the legislation not about protecting people's privacy? Yes, but internet forums exist in the real world where there are very real laws and regulations one must follow. The internet is not some kind of wild west. This is really a completely different discussion, but you wouldn't really have a forum if it weren't for your users. Your users give you content and thus they are invaluable to you. Sure, you give access to a platform for them to do this on, but that platform would be useless without your users. That's why I think it's a pretty good idea to treat your users, th
  10. That's not possible. The protections and rights under GDPR cannot be waived. It's simply not possible for users to waive their rights or for website owners to withhold user's consent for data processing. GDPR is about protecting your user's privacy - which is a good thing both for you and your users in the long run. Would you seriously block +450 million people because you refuse to implement basic privacy protection and policy for your users?
  11. That remains to be seen. Either way, I think that the overall aim of the legislation is good and I also think that website owners (especially forum administrators) should strive to comply with as many of the rules as possible. Personally, I feel much more comfortable joining a community where the administrators value their user's privacy rights and where I could easily delete my data. I literally linked to the official source on this in my post. The GDPR is also intended for social media sites and online forums that stores user's data and track users (in various ways). Identifying info
  12. I really do like it, especially the new ACP and marketplace integration. But besides that, it's not a hugely important update imho. So if you don't want to run the latest and greatest it's fine to wait a bit longer before upgrading.
  13. I have a few forums, so I run both 4.4 and the new and excellent 4.5 version.
  14. I use IPB as I think it's the most feature-packed, stable, easy-to-use, and professional forum software available today.
  15. Well we exist, so why couldn't other species also be out there? It's a pretty big place after all.
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