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  1. I generally don't like them and tend not to use them, but I think it largely depends on the niche of the forum/site and how it is being utilised. If you're using a portal for the sake of having it, there's not much point, you may as well just have a forum. If you're using it as an actual site to showcase content that is otherwise hidden from view, then that's not so bad as it actually serves a purpose..
  2. I don't really get the point in farewell threads, the majority of people who post them tend to return after just a few months anyway. Staff shouldn't be required to post in them - but can if they choose to, the same as everyone else.
  3. I'd never even thought about Christmas presents or anything to staff.. Perhaps because I only really had moderators on projects many years ago, I've since tended to do everything myself. That being said, I do have one staff on my current project - perhaps I could send him a card and a little token of thanks..
  4. Badges or banners.. They look 100% cleaner, modern, and professional. Seeing bright, animated, and shiny usernames are almost an immediate turn off for me now - makes me feel like the community isn't something I'd want to be a part of.
  5. Thanks for your opinion on what you would do - it gave me the push to migrate to the highly recommended MattW. It all went very smooth, and I'm very happy with the decision. I promptly cancelled with my previous host who sent me the following: It's quite possible they didn't intend on the tone that I got from it, but.. yeah, felt a bit snipey!
  6. The Umbrella Online project initially ran from approximately 2001-2003 on UBB and vBulletin 2. After a 17-year long hiatus I have decided to revive it following the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, as well as the upcoming releases of Resident Evil Village and a Netflix series. I'm quite selective about the add-ons that I use, and I feel that I have a pretty good balance right now. I like to offer additional functionality that integrates seamlessly, and feels like it is almost a standard part of the software. These tweaks are often quite minimal, but provide good value. The Wiki is
  7. I'm currently sporting a 12-year-old 42" Samsung Plasma TV.. The picture quality is pretty decent, but it's extremely heavy to move - it's survived at least six house moves - and has only required one repair so far (PCB replacement). I'd imagine the energy efficiency in comparison to modern sets is quite poor. I'm thinking about updating to a 4K set this year, but I'm deliberating whether to jump at a good deal now or wait until black friday. My gut is telling me to do the latter.
  8. Well it's at least been demonstrated to me that the 503 errors *can* be fixed - but this remains in the hands of Litespeed and Cloudlinux to provide a permanent fix. I got a bit stroppy with the host last night due to the downtime, and they weren't aware that modules were going to be disabled. CageFS was promptly re-enabled and the 503 errors returned, but these again appear to be contained to admin based tasks - so I could at least turn off maintenance mode. We'll see how things progress over the next day or so, which will ultimately decide whether I stay or go with/from this host
  9. Since yesterday morning, I've been experiencing 503 errors which thankfully appeared to be contained to just the admin side of the forums. There were no server errors to speak of, and I hoped it may have been a temporary issue but reported it to be safe.. Then I received my first indication that all was not right. After suggesting the possibility of a Litespeed issue having searched the XenForo support forums, my host advised they were raising a support ticket with Litespeed. They were able to replicate the problem, but likewise were seeing no errors on the server. Several hours later, an
  10. Could be worse, could be better.. Main things to work on.. F (0) - Use cookie-free domains F (12) - Compress components with gzip D (68) - Make fewer HTTP requests C (78) - Add expires headers
  11. I was quite heavily involved with v3arcade back in the day (Oblivion Knight), but it was a hugely grey area as the games had to be decompiled and put back together with additional code in them to make them compatible. Techniques gradually got better with this, and you couldn't see any difference - but the reputation damage had already been done, and some people continued to use inferior software to accomplish the code injection, and it made an absolute mess of the game's aesthetics. Then there's always someone who tries to make money from selling "packages" of these games, when they did n
  12. There really aren't too many free themes available for XF2, and the ones that I've seen are largely just colour changes of the original. I don't have the skills to make my own themes look anything like as good as the premium ones that are available, but I do enjoy the challenge of customising them to death and effectively making them bespoke to my site. I'm really happy with how Umbrella Online is looking, for example!
  13. I reckon I'd still do it as it's a great way of networking and forming strong partnerships. I'd just be a bit more picky about communities that I exchanged posts with, which may sound a bit snobbish but
  14. I signed up to eHarmony in August after separating from my wife in May.. You may argue it's too soon, but we'd been struggling for 18 months prior. I've been chatting to someone for the past few weeks and things are going quite nicely - we planned on meeting last weekend, but circumstances prevented it. I'm hopeful for the future, and it could be a happy relationship.. Early days though!
  15. Running a website is pretty nerdy, to be fair.. I've also alphabetised my PS3/PS4 game collections, dabbled with softmodding a couple of games consoles (PSP, PS2, Wii), and at one point was looking at setting up a home media server. Take your pick!
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