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  1. Laptop and phone. I prefer using my laptop most of the time.
  2. That's great Now I want a puppy too. They can be really cute.
  3. It's not a good idea to have membership approval unless it's to prevent spam. Not many people would stick around a lot of time to get that approval. So, I wouldn't recommend that to any forum in general. Still, if you are getting too much spam content, then that's another story. I am sure some people would come back to post after getting the approval but not all of them.
  4. I don't think so. I am sure they have great potential. There are many things when it comes to free scripts and all ...like slow support, slow release of new versions but they are still cool. I have been using MyBB close to 8 years now and I love it. I will probably change my forum script to Xenforo pretty soon but I still like MyBB. There are many plugins and themes to choose from when it comes to MyBB.
  5. One of my staff members designed it for us. I usually don't change the logo based on the theme. The favicon and the Logo are really cool and I have been using them for close to two years now. I don't think I will change them anytime soon. As for me, I don't have what it takes to make a good logo. I will probably try my luck with Photoshop again sometime.
  6. To be honest, such services already exists. Something like Forumwheel or Postloop and it's just that, the standards are too high. Not many people can get into those posting services and they can't guarantee niche related posts quality. I was a poster in Forumwheel before but I gave up as the niche related posting requirements are just too many. I wouldn't recommend such service at all.
  7. I am sure most of the websites determine the cost based on the traffic alone. As for me, I will try to get the information from Google Adsense and then try to charge the same. In that way, you will be able to get decent ads and you can add them directly to the index page or any other page. Or you could also take some suggestions from the SEO tools which can give you the estimation. It's not going to be easy but everything needs some time and research.
  8. I am sure most of the activity is only due to the notification system and nothing more. If people can't find replies to their own threads or if they don't see anything that needs their attention on the index page, they will just leave. Where as if they see notifications then I am sure they will respond accordingly. I just can't imagine a forum without any notification system at the moment. It's going to go under pretty soon, if it exists at the moment.
  9. I don't think it's a good idea to allow members to do that. It will make things harder and I am sure people will try to use these permissions for their own benefit. It's different when it comes to their own threads though. They might use that functionality to prevent spam. Anyway, as of now, I wouldn't recommend this functionality to any new forum.
  10. I am sure websites need about 4-6 themes. 2-3 light themes and 2-3 dark themes. Based on one's own interest they can use the theme they want. Otherwise, they might feel that, the default theme is not good enough. This is just how I see things.
  11. It's fine and that came from my personal experience. So far in all these 8 years, I have spent close to 2188 USD and with Google Adsense I made like 88 USD. My family doesn't want me to waste more money on the website but I just can't help it. I am sure there are others just like me.
  12. Ads are not good when you use them that way. A header ad and a footer ad can be good enough. Unfortunately, they don't get much income to the website owner. So, they had to place too many ads to get something from the Adsense, once in a while. I do understand them but that doesn't mean I like them.
  13. I delete zero post accounts and not inactive accounts. To be honest, I don't think banning people who are inactive is a good idea. It's better to leave them be and I am sure someday they will come back again. Even if that's not the case, it's fine. People might get hurt if we ban inactive accounts and they wouldn't want to visit the place ever again, because that's what I would do in general.
  14. I don't think MyBB is dead to be honest. They will release MyBB 2.0 sometime and it's responsive by default. I am sure it takes a lot of time but still I believe it's worth the wait. With MyBB you have many options when it comes to themes and plugins. Xenforo is a cool software but its not free like MyBB. I am sure newbies even now opt for MyBB than go with Xenforo directly.
  15. Well, I am no good when it comes to confrontation. You could say that I always try to leave such decisions to my other staff members in general. If some banned member approaches me, seeking entry again saying that he felt bad for what he had done, I usually give him permission to do so. Later, I had to explain all that to my other staff members. So, I try to redirect everything to other staff members these days.
  16. That's true and I just don't want to be called as a 'Tyrant' later. To be honest, I had some really bad experience similar to this scenario. It ended badly and I have learned my lesson. I don't want to take an important decision by myself. I would at least take other staff members opinions before taking an action. Later, people would stand by you or else you will have to fight a lone battle with other users, who admire that banned user.
  17. Well, if they had done something within the website then staff can certainly take action accordingly. However, this is different and we don't want others to misunderstand our action here. Well, looks like I am the only odd one out. Usually when it comes to an actual ban, I take voting among the staff members. If it's related to some negative article and that needs to be addressed in a newsletter, then I take voting from all the users.
  18. Well, I am sure my folks feel that I am just a naive woman but that's just how I view things. I don't judge something based on one or two negative reviews alone. If we try to ignore people who are bad mouthing us, they will lose interest soon enough. It's just some strategy of mine. I try not to implement my actions blindly so I go with voting. So, if something else is opted by other folks and even if I disapprove it a lot, I will still follow it...as that's my users opinion.
  19. Well, let me explain myself a little bit more then. If others believe him/her just like that, without even checking the facts, would you want such people around? I really don't want to have such members and I am sure it's a little different from what others said before. That's just me being me. However, if others would want the guy to be held accountable, then based on the voting, we will take an action accordingly.
  20. That's when you actually visit a website and they are not push notifications for a browser. I am sure many people leave a website after signing up and they don't even remember to check the alerts, most of the time. For such instances, it would great to have push notifications and Xenforo offers just that. Still, I haven't yet figured how to enable notifications in Xenforo when someone replies to my content. I will have to look into that.
  21. It's not for small websites and so far I made about 88 USD. Do note that, I have been using it for the last 8 years and I am not sure when I will be able to hit the minimum threshold amount, at this rate. I will probably give up on it pretty soon. As of now, I have been thinking of leaving it as it is. Hopefully in about an year or so, I might be able to withdraw the amount. After that I will use other alternatives like Infolinks and such.
  22. I have been using MyBB for close to 8 years now and I love it. Still, I wouldn't mind switching to Xenforo sometime. As of now, I don't plan to do it anytime soon. Anyway, MyBB doesn't have any push notification system for mobiles and using Tapatalk is not an ideal solution. I can't really get an app for the website and it can be very expensive. For this reason alone, I prefer Xenforo over MyBB.
  23. I wouldn't do that even if they are staff members. I am sure it is not an ideal solution but unless someone broke the rules within the website, I wouldn't take any action. Other websites and social media doesn't count and their behavior in those websites is not relevant to my website. This is just my opinion. If someone opposes, then we usually we make a poll about what action should be taken and based on the votes, we will implement that action.
  24. I believe it's better to go with Private Messages, if they are active. Or else I would recommend using an email instead. I always try not to send, too many such emails to users in general. If they get too many emails, they might just add it to spam list and I wouldn't want that. Also, sending an email for every 2 weeks or so should be fine, according to me.
  25. Claraviolet


    Hi everyone! Claraviolet here! A big anime fan and a software engineer. I like posting in forums a lot and I got to know about this forum recently and here I am. It's a pleasure to be here. Regards, Claraviolet.
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