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  1. I was getting annoyed by the use of "COVID-19" in my house, because that has been the only thing anyone can think of to discuss; even though there are literally anything you can discuss, even if you are not doing anything. Now, it is nothing but "Protests" and "Riots" that I want to get rid of in the vocabulary.
  2. I recently got a new Android, which seems to be doing fine atm. The only issue I have honestly with it, is that half of the time I force a restart on it, it takes forever to do so.
  3. Looking good here. Decided to use the new light theme for the time being. :)
  4. Happy birthday!
  5. Happy birthday! :)
  6. It really depends on what else I am doing at the same time. Overall, maybe cumlative time maybe an hour a day with checking in on forums. It goes up to 5+ hours if I am participating in discussions. Mind you, I can be on my computer and be checking up on it throughout the day, but if my focus isn't there if there is nothing going on, then the hour may be the length I am actually on.
  7. I rarely directly support sites I join up at, but I will donate towards it, if it provides me with something that I feel like I will benefit from, if they offer it. Can't give a blanket answer on what I will donate towards, as each time I do, it will be differing reasons.
  8. It really depends on what caused the drama, and if it includes personal attacks against people. I try to let some of it happen, but previous experience shows that if it is something that deals specifically with the community getting annoyed at each other, the drama needs to be shut down as soon as it becomes noticeable.
  9. The oldest I have currently, is probably 5 years old at this point. The oldest domain I have co-owned, probably hit 12 years old, before we switched to a better domain name for the type of site.
  10. Always difficult to keep new members engaged, even if they are excited to join up. Over the years, I have found different things having varying success rates, like having a PM sent to the new member explaining things, and having easy to access items on the forum.
  11. I haven't bought physical ad space in a few years, but I guess it can be useful, if targeted to the right audience. Advertising a Webmaster Service on a Sports forum as an example, would get very little in results from the advertising, as most people on that forum, probably wouldn't be interested in something like that, when they are there to talk about sports.
  12. I wish I had a suggestion. I personally haven't sold any domains before. Though, apparently there is one place that has been online since 1999, that can be used to sell domains, not sure of the quality of the service though. Sedo - The world's leading domain marketplace
  13. Haven't gotten to the point of doing self quarantine here, but a number of adults are doing so, in order to keep their kids from catching anything. Haven't seen many people with their kids out and about since the school district closed up till they make a decision on whether or no they are opening after their local spring break.
  14. Sounds like a good way to get things rolling, on both the forum and sending a donation to a place that surely does need it to help others out.
  15. I generally will try to spend most of my initial time trying out good approaches with free advertising, before I switch over to paid. As of recently, my recent attempt at free advertising, lead me to actually get 20 members in a month in a half, even if not all of them are actively posting. Granted, it isn't 100 members, and 30 of them posting on any given day, but it is better than 1-2 members in a month, and possibly not having any of them not post at all after registration.
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