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  1. On the initial increase, we had to pass on some of the costs to the resellers that we have. Shared accounts didn't get any price increase but for our resellers, some have upwards of 50 accounts. If I had continued selling the reseller for $10, the 50 accounts would have cost that and there would be 0 profit. So what we done was increase the base price a little and set a limit of cpanel accounts they could create. You can see our announcement we made here: https://ushost247.com/announcements/26/Reseller-Account-Limits.html that will explain what we done.
  2. It is definitely different. Especially when looking at unread and new posts, it's almost like a timeline instead of just a list of topics like I'm used to.
  3. Is cPanel truly trying to push away all of their customers? This comes quickly after their other tremendous price hike which cost hosting companies thousands of dollars more a year.
  4. All of us at USHost247 have thrived to provide top notch hosting services for the public. If you are looking for a cheap, reliable, secure, fast support, feature rich host..Then look no further! USHost247 provides all these features and much much more! Not so convinced that you want to sign up with us just yet? Contact us and lets chat about your options and what you may have questions about! Let USHost247.com be your next host if you are on the hunt for a new host! We will treat you right and treat you like part of the family..not like money symbols.
  5. I don't believe that the aliens look like they have been portrayed over the years; although I believe there are other "creatures" that have the same functionality as we do. Humans can't be the only source of intelligent lifeform in the galaxy.
  6. Ever look at the back of a Lysol can? Kills "Human Coronavirus" Tell me they didn't know.
  7. Are you...THE shole? From like the 2009 era of FP?
  8. Negative. We chose to stick with cPanel. We decided to stay for a few reasons, and the biggest reason is being that we would have to transfer all accounts and migrate and start all over again on a new server. Secondly, DA is not as supported as cPanel is.
  9. It's actually very difficult to become established when you have such huge monopolies such as EIG.
  10. The training is going well. When bringing in staff to a hosting business there are many factors that the team must learn and understand on how the server structure is set up, what restrictions are set in place, answers specific to USHost247 and such. Once we come across a question that the team does not know, they reach out to me via cell phone for an answer why they are still on chat with the client/visitor so they do not have to escalate the issue to a ticket, which saves time. If for whatever reason they can not reach me at that time, a ticket will be created and then they will follow up wi
  11. If you have the money and are completely sure that you will use the services the entire duration, then it's better to pay upfront as a lot of places offer discounts, usually around 10% off for paying upfront.
  12. I have heard of hosts doing this in order to pressure clients into staying with them. I am 100% against this business model. If a client wants to move hosts, then that is their sole discretion to do so. I will, of course, ask them if there is anything I can do to assist them in staying, but if they wish, our team can even help them move if needed. We are here to help the public, whether they are coming to us, currently with us, or leaving us.
  13. If a page doesn't load within a few seconds, I've lost interest and moving on.
  14. I have set up a server and installed DirectAdmin on it and configured it so far. https://server3.noc10.net:2222 Login: demo_admin; Password: demo I'm thinking of doing our next server with it and seeing the comparison with cPanel, as we use cPanel on server2. cPanel is obviously the king of panels, but with their recent price gouge, it's hard to not test other panels. What do you think of DA?
  15. Yes, unfortunately. Actually one of the reasons why I created my own host. Lost the site and all backups with it. Was my early days of web mastering..
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