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  1. Gab A Ton is a general discussion community that is focused on having a good time and having a relaxing environment to come to for when you've had a hard day's work or school. We have some arcade games available for you to play as well as some basic forum based text games. Conversations stem from serious to casual banter.
  2. Did I read your post right? In that if a website uses Cloudflare or reCaptcha you won't join the site because they're trying to secure themselves?
  3. Hey Spikey! Welcome to Forumer :)
  4. My forum currently only contains one theme even though we initially launched with a light and dark version but currently we only have a dark version because the light theme needed quite a bit of help to not be ugly. However, there are plans to have one again. I am on the side of only one theme with a light and dark rendition it's easier to maintain.
  5. So I have been considering sending out a weekly e-mail to members (only ones active in the last few months) with new threads and discussions they may want to partake in. I decided to go ahead and try it out so next week will be the first time our system sends out one of these digests. I am wondering what you all think about this kind of e-mail and this frequency? Folks have the ability to unsubscribe if they do not want to receive them.
  6. I believe this has been done before if I'm not mistaken. It's not a horrible idea but you'll have to build up a decent reputation for quality posts in order for folks to be interested. I do think the idea of having a website that offers a posting service is a good idea as I do believe there is a demand to a certain degree. What you'll want to try to do is make sure you have a way to keep people coming back and try to have multiple folks delivering on each service request and not just the same person over and over again, at least as an option. Some people may want the same person to come bac
  7. I think this can be determined on a per forum basis. Like Forumer, probably doesn't need to be counting forum games to post counts. However, Gab A Ton is based around general discussions and forum games and being able to unwind and have a little fun.
  8. Hey! Welcome to Forumer :)
  9. Someday's it's a total of an hour or more others it's maybe 20-30 minutes and then some day's it's none at all but maybe I hop on for a minute to check on things.
  10. Not at all, when we initially went home to work remotely we cut our individual hours down to only 40 a week because we weren't sure what companies were still going to pay their bills and how many companies we work for were staying open. Eventually we ha a small dip in work but for maybe a day or two and then things were back to normal for us. Overtime, ECT. So while the staff we already had was working less hours, during that time period of unknowns our company didn't want to hire someone when our own staff couldn't even work overtime.
  11. I have a LinkedIn setup as the company I work for is on there. I use it mostly as an online resume more than I do any socializing on there.
  12. Welcome to Forumer! Glad to have you :)
  13. I pay for a full year because the cost is under $50 and it isn't only my website hosted on the account. It's nice to not have to worry about the monthly throughout the year.
  14. Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here! I can second that COVID has not caused us to slow down in the IT industry but we hesitated on hiring new people for a decent amount of time.
  15. Create something you enjoy Don't litter your site with ads Regularly create new content Talk about your project with others Don't stress out over the small details
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