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  1. That's the members' issue, not yours. Adding more themes is just a headache to maintain.
  2. I don't blame them. That's a lot of outlay for very little return. Business ads work because the businesses recoup the money in referrals and closed business. Not from Adsense ads running on their website.
  3. This is the only justification - even if it’s a terrible justification. Not aimed at you, @Claraviolet - but for finances to take over the websites user experience, something’s gone wrong.
  4. That's not the issue - the issue is Parler identifies itself as a 'no moderation' platform. You get extremist views on Facebook but that's at least moderated. Because, and I've said this before, Cloudflare hosts nothing. They're DNS and CDN. You can't put a website on Cloudflare because it's not a host. The First Amendment only allows you to not be arrested for your views. It does not mean a company - a private company - has to allow you to air them.
  5. Current day for us. It’s on my list to fix but I haven’t gotten there yet.
  6. You may take this as an official statement attributed to my company; Good.
  7. Given how much work goes into maintaining one, I’m not surprised.
  8. This is perhaps the first time I’ve seen a XenForo site where I’ve had to check the footer to see what software it is running so kudos to you for that but: - That screenshot nearly blinded me. I was in a dark room with my phone on about 3% brightness. That white is exceptionally harsh, and I’m worried your dark theme will be equally harsh. - On that, it’s also quite stark. There’s remarkably little colour so it is quite hard to distinguish between which forum, for example, is which unless I really pay attention and read them. - The recent activity box should either be on the bottom
  9. Generally on other boards, members don't get a say in this. So, them calling you a tyrant for doing what is standard would be immaterial. You'd have to do this anyway. Cut out the middleman and stand by your actions.
  10. If they're bringing your site into disrepute, it is incumbent upon you, as the owner, to make the decision. Just so we're clear, it isn't that I don't care what members think, but I don't think they can make an objective decision that isn't clouded by prejudice. It is better to not have that as an influencing factor in making a decision.
  11. I worry you’re setting a precedent there. Members shouldn’t get a say in banning. Or rules. They should just need to follow them. I mean, unless they’re advising on stricter rules.
  12. If I was going to have that view, why would I want anyone on a forum? Because it’s a community. Which only works when there are members. We don’t bother voting. There are guidelines for what you can and can’t do as staff of the board. Follow them or leave.
  13. Given that Apple doesn’t support this at all without an actual app, I don’t see the problem. A majority of your userbase wouldn’t want to install an app to view your site anyway. I know I wouldn’t.
  14. I think people think that XenForo is better - but there comes a point where each site that uses it becomes boring. Same crap - different site. Nothing to differentiate between them. At least with phpBB and MyBB you can change everything about them.
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