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  1. All the time. I don get why Americans seem to think universal health care is a problem and you don't need it. You absolutely DO need it. Privatising healthcare is a stupid thing to do. We have Medicare in Australia that is basically this. You earn north of a certain amount, you pay 2% medicare levy.
  2. Out on Saturday, Stable, sleep on the train, clean on Sunday, sleep on the train, back on Monday.
  3. It’s based on the videos you watch - if they’re eligible to earn revenue, a portion of the membership is handed to them in lieu of ad revenue.
  4. They don’t. They get a portion of the membership.
  5. I do believe I have, yes. Welcome to the site!
  6. These are all amateur things to do.
  7. Yeah that’s what Cloudflare is meant to do. Cache your CSS, images and Javascripts.
  8. I exist — I suppose would be the TL;DR version. Short, concise, to the point.
  9. Just a couple of piccies from the trip: 1) from inside our crew sleeper at Rylstone, NSW. As far as we can go. Dirty great big stop board about 100m from where this was taken. 2) Wallerawang station, NSW. Technically closed to passengers, but we stopped. First time ever. Wallerawang: Tick. 3) Artistic shot from within the dining car at Wallerawang. 4) Kandos on our way back.
  10. They don’t. It isn’t their responsibility as they only give me space in a rack.
  11. Stick it behind Cloudflare, for a start. Then the only other way is to not use a shared host. Shared hosts oversell like mad. You have no idea what the CPU is doing and how many requests are waiting to be fulfiled.
  12. Go for a stroll through DigitalPoint. It’s the best example I can think of.
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