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  1. The argument's not about it being better, it's about it being more convenient. ThemeHouse would likely win there.
  2. Don't see why that's odd. Makes sense that ThemeHouse would want to have a monopoly on the app market. One app for everything.
  3. Don't use GoDaddy for hosting. In the same way you wouldn't use any other registrar.
  4. And we do - but that doesn’t extend to removal of account.
  5. Phones have been known to jump back to 3G - particularly in rural areas.
  6. No, it’s not. It’s about being a pain in the arse. You have the choice not to register. At the end of the day, I am not complying with your stupid law that requires me to remove everything you post. You’re on an Internet forum. You’re not paying me for the service. Either tell your MEPs to stop being so paranoid, or don’t register for my site. It’s that simple. Actually, may just be easier to block registrations from the EU, which, you bet your arse I can - and will - do. Just so we are clear: you have privacy. Nothing identifiable is visible on the board (even to staff
  7. Love to see them prove an obscure pseudonym is identifying information. We do not target EU users, we (not here, my other site) will be adding an advisory that by signing up, they waive their rights under EU legislation.
  8. We implement a quota over on Asperger’s Network - per post. It’s so you don’t end up with a thread with millions of images that takes a year to load on 3G.
  9. I wouldn’t be downloading it for my personal recreational use, let alone installing it onto my board.
  10. Find me a source for this — all the reading I’ve done suggests that it is intended for companies doing business - taking money and storing payment information, specifically, not your standard community website. That said; what is ‘identifying information’; forum posts almost certainly don’t count. The argument could be made that a forum username also does not count, so it’s just your email, which you can change yourself.
  11. It does. We aren’t required to comply, we are not providing a paid service — or as the legislation says — doing business. I’ve done the research.
  12. The name of the software is actually Woltlab - I’ve edited the title, adding the L, for clarity reasons.
  13. See, but that £11.99 directly supports the people making the videos. Which is why you don’t see ads.
  14. I prefer not paying perpetually for a piece of software I use once a quarter if I’m lucky. The UI in gimp isn’t great, but if it stops me paying I’m all for it.
  15. Immediately read this and thought this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iPXHFbcgzAk
  16. Yeah so does hearing some dickhead going down the street and hitting the pole. No, it's a halloween fantasy.
  17. Depends on the staff. I tend to find it's more likely to happen if you rid them and don't get in fast enough with the revoking of permissions.
  18. Editing ones own posts is a right that should be permitted by any member, for a period of time after the post. Ostensibly not moderation -- I'd be more worried about thread vandalism.
  19. Perhaps - but fixing a security bug and then holding it to ransom is a little unethical.
  20. I feel like -- on another note -- that commercial softwares should permit security updates to be downloaded if you've got a license, even if you don't get updates. Not feature updates tho. You should have to pay for those.
  21. There could potentially be an argument made about a conflict of interest in moderating your own content.
  22. Thanks, @Alexander- I've fixed this up now.
  23. Yeah I’ll get on that.
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