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Favorite ThemeForest Style?

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If you've ever used ThemeForest, you're aware of all of the amazing styles that are available to purchase there. You can purchase just about any type of style you can think of for practically any CMS in existence, whether you're talking about WordPress, Joomla, or whatever. It's clear that there's a lot of money flowing over at ThemeForest. Given that the higher end WordPress styles typically go for $59.00 a license, and then you'll see that some of those particular styles have sold as many as 5,000 licenses. Do the math, and that's pretty awesome to think about.


Anyways, is there a particular ThemeForest style that you guys adore? What's your favorite?

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I don't like ThemeForest at all, anyway! They're a hodgepodge of themes that all look the same after a while, not to mention, they're wholesale themes that you'll see everywhere eventually.


This is, sadly, too true.


I think it's easy for someone to buy one or two and then merge them and remix it to create a new theme to sell on there.


The problem with ThemeForest generally speaking is that they require themes to have lots of custom functionality outside of what a theme normally would have anyway and so you end up getting lots of rubbish on a theme that you might not want / need.

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