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Community Policies, updated April 2020.


General Netiquette

Forumer.io believes in netiquette. The principles that surround good interaction between the community in general; the basis of these are.

Remember the Human
People come to Forumer.io from a number of different websites. No website is any less valid than another. No user is any less worthy of being here than you are. There is always a person behind the screen reading your content. It is important to remember you’re speaking to someone.
Use Meaningful Thread Titles
Nobody wants to go into a thread to find they’ve wasted time waiting for it to load. Thread titles should convey meaning, without being outright insulting.
Remember Your Audience
As with Remembering the Human, remember that potential employers, potential customers, your family, your friends, may all see what you are writing here. It may come back to hurt you later.
Do Not Post Personal Information
We are webmasters. We thrive on online personality and getting to know each other. This will, inevitably, shift into getting involved with each others forums; please do not post the personal information of another member, regardless of the terms of which you may have distanced yourself from them.
Do Not Post Drama From Other Websites
As with not posting personal information, don’t bring drama from other forums, discords or chats to Forumer. Our aim is to create a welcoming environment for everyone regardless of who they are. Posts that are simply - or primarily - drama from elsewhere will be removed.
Challenge the Argument, Not the Member
This is a forum, people get involved in debates. We love a good debate, but debates should not be personal. Attack the point or the argument, not the person.
Aim To Be Constructive
As webmasters, we can occasionally become passionate about the way that we do things. It can lead to us being forceful of our points. Please try to be constructive when dealing with another members’ project.
Personal Attacks
Abuse, insulting another member, or being negative to another member is not permitted at Forumer. A personal attack would be considered as the word “You”, or the members username, followed by a negative comment or name call.
Private Messaging
Forumer has a private messaging system. This private messaging system is subject to the same rules as community posts. Private Messages should not be taken to be private.
A spam message would be considered anything that is low quality, a 'forum game', posting “I agree”, without any discussion points, posting “thank you for posting this” without any further discussion points, or pointless posts or threads. Spam is not permitted at Forumer, under any circumstance. Before posting, give thought to whether the majority of members would get use out of your topic, or if it is just to shove a bunch of posts into.
Pointless Threads and Messages
As with Spam - pointless threads are threads that close themselves out within the original post, and pointless messages either don’t answer the subject question, or are completely devoid of the context of the thread. Pointless threads and messages are also not permitted on Forumer.
Plagiarism of Content
Plagiarising content is considered to be low quality and spammy. While it would be considered OK to copy information for context in a reply, with a source, just copy pasting content to open a new thread is copyright breach, and against the rules of Forumer.
Foul Language
Forumer is accessible by anyone regardless of their age, whether they’re at home or work, and we aim not to set off content filters. Language that you wouldn’t use when talking to your grandmother is not permitted at Forumer.
Forumer allows members to advertise personal and business links in their signature. Forumer does not allow members to post referral links. Please assist us by not posting referral links in your signature or messages.


Other General Community Rules

Forumer has some other rules that you must abide by as a member.


Inference of Staff Privilege or Power
Forumer staff are here to maintain order, to moderate posts, and to ensure the community is better for you. It is expected that, as a member, one would not infer they are staff or attempt to moderate a thread. Staff are the only ones permitted to moderate forums.
Buy / Swap / Sell
Forumer permits the advertising of products and services. Should you have an issue with the delivery of a product or service advertised at Forumer, please do not bring it to the staff's attention as we take no responsibility for what is posted here. Forumer staff will only get involved if the content breaches our Showcase or Link Guidelines.


Showcase and Link Guidelines

Forumer allows members to post their website into our showcase. Forumer also allows members to post their link within their signature and posts. In an attempt to make these links appropriate, Forumer does not allow links which contain:

  • Content that encourages illegal acts
  • Content that encourages the use of torrents, nulled software, or pirating.
  • Pornographic or potentially Not Safe For Work content.
  • Content that encourages hate of one or more of the following:
  • Content that is used to transmit malware or adware
  • Content that promotes SEO scams, buying followers, etc.
  • Content that promotes a prize, if members enter their details
  • Content that is primarily webmaster or promotion related (see below)
  • Other content that would be deemed inappropriate by Forumer Administation.
  • Ethicity
  • Personal beliefs
  • Personal identity
  • Disability
  • Religion

Members should not bump their thread in the showcase more than once every 24 hours. When bumping your thread, do not just post "bump" or a post count (unless you are at a milestone, 100, 1000, 5000, 10000, etc - but even then, preferably not just a post count) - try, instead, to post some updates that have happened on your website. This way, we can see what's happening on your site, and you can be proud of what you are doing. Members who post 'bump', or fail to post an update two consecutive times, will have their most recent update posts removed, thus unbumping their threads.

Members should have a minimum of 10 non-introductory contributions to the forums (either threads or comments) before submitting their community to the showcase. Members who do not have 10 contributions will not have their showcase thread approved.

Non-Compete Clause

Forumer.io welcomes any and all webmasters and forumers alike to gain knowledge and network through our community. Though, there comes a time where our best interests, and therefore our community partners interests, conflicts with certain communities/content being promoted here on Forumer.io. This is why, effective immediately, we will not allow competing sites to promote or otherwise gain popularity/content using our platform as a means to do so. This includes using our showcase, community reviews, and linking your website/advertisment banner in your signature. We will, however, allow you to link your website in your profile. Redirecting community members to your profile page in attempt for them to click on said link will not be allowed, either.

Communities whose niche is webmaster or webmaster related fall under our non-compete clause. General discussion sites that emphasize their promotion area or webmaster sections will not be allowed.


Please contact us if you have any questions.

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We’ve updated our guidelines. Please give them a read through and feel free to flick myself or [uSER=1]@Thomasss[/uSER] a PM if you’ve got any questions.

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