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Web Monetization


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I recently learned about the web monetization. And it seems like pretty good method for the web content creators. And I think this will soon get traction especially for the sites that do not want to add the google adsense or any ads.


1. You sign up with the web monetization wallet like uphold.

2. You add the payment pointer address on your website.

3. If any browser that has web monetization support visits the site.

4. You can get paid based on gated content or you can get paid based on their distribution based on visits type. (The way brave browser does it)


Looks like pretty cool concept.


You can read about it here. Web Monetization · A JavaScript browser API which allows the creation of a payment stream from the user agent to the website

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Not sure what Jekyll here means. I noticed that if browser like Puma and Brave browser can pay the user for visiting his blog or youtube or content page. And they automatically get paid using web monetization, that sounds like a good thing.

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No it works on all websites. Web monetization is just the meta tag update. You just add the =monetization and "wallet address" into the meta tag. It can be embeded into any website.

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This seems different to an actual web framework and more-so just a way of adding a flag to a website in the form of a eta tag to tell browsers that a certain feature is enabled. Much like the various meta tags you add for Google products.


I don't see this being a very widely used feature though. It's extremely niche.

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