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Allowing members to open/close threads?

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Nope. If people were allowed to do this then why the need to add moderators? This is purely a job for the moderators to do.


I agree that only staff should be able to have the power to open and close threads. If just anyone can do it then it might cause a lot of head aches.

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It depends on the section. If you have a thread to accept job applications, you may want the thread poster to be able to close their thread when they're done (but not open it again?).

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I don't think it's a good idea to allow members to do that.
It will make things harder and I am sure people will try to use these permissions for their own benefit.

It's different when it comes to their own threads though. They might use that functionality to prevent spam. Anyway, as of now, I wouldn't recommend this functionality to any new forum.

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