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Hello everyone, 


We are back at it again! We are throwing our next charity event! All proceeds will be going to Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)! As some of you may now, blue pumpkins during Halloween time represent individuals living with Autism. For more information about the Blue Pumpkin Campaign, check out Independents article on it here: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/blue-pumpkin-bucket-halloween-trick-or-treat-allergy-autism-teal-project-why-children-a8610636.html

Pink Green and Blue Cute Pumpkin Baby Invitation-7.png



The event starts on October 3rd, and we cannot wait to see everyone participating! ❤️ Post counts will not have to be calculated, a report will be generated at the end of the event with the total amount of posts and threads created! 🙂


Please let me know if you have any questions! ❤️ 

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15 hours ago, Alexander said:

I am on the ASD Spectrum, and all I can is this is such a brilliant event to host. Is there a way we can see how many post(s) have been contributed towards the fund so far? Thanks once again for this! 

I’ve though about a good way to do this. I’m hoping next event we will have something more official but I’ll run the report tomorrow and get a better number!

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Hello everyone! 

We raised a total of $300.00! 575 new posts and 46 new threads. 

Thank you to everyone who participated, and were getting ready for our next Charity event now! 

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      [ATTACH type=full]227[/ATTACH]

      Hi all,
      The COVID-19 fight hits home for a lot of us - some worse than others. To start off, I want to thank every essential worker out there that is still working, still smiling, and still serving the public in all ways possible. The fight is real, and it's more real for those on the front line of the fight, caring for those who cannot care for themselves.
      Being part of the frontlines, I understand the pain that many are feeling, and I want to be able to give back in some way. That's why, we're donating $100.00 USD to the World Health Organization - but we'll top our own donation. For every post/thread made, we'll add .50USD and for every member that joins our family and contributes at least 10 posts/threads, we'll donate $10 for the new member signup.
      We want to be able to give back here at Forumer.io and while it might not be ten thousand dollars with a big check signed, it is something and $200 is enough to buy a box of 50 KN95 masks from most distributors. Those are 50 masks we can buy for a hospital, nursing home, or even a grocery store, that are in need.
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      Warm regards,
      Thomas Jepsen & Ben Cousins
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      Hello fellow community members,
      We would like to announce our first annual charity posting event. Five charities have been listed as a poll in this topic - each community member has the ability to select two charities, on April 19th, we will announce the winning charity who will receive all proceeds generated by this event.

      For each post/thread, Forumer.io will donate $0.50 USD to the charity with the most votes at the end of the event period.
      [ATTACH type=full" width="742px]87[/ATTACH]
      We hope to do this every year for different charities!
      Let's help the world, one post at a time. ♥?

      Charity Websites:
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      Alzheimers Association - Home
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      Starting Counts:

      Threads: 1,817
      Messages: 14,310

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