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I was looking for some of the website to showcase my design and also experiment with the design. And found this website. Lot of talented designers are there who are keeping the content on the network. It seems like the content posted on the dribble seems to be easy to spot by other recruiters. So yeah you can use that as portfolio hosting and also use it to add it in to your resume. I have seen that to be a good idea. 


Have you tried Dribble or registered there for the portfolio?



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I have a Dribbble account. While I like the concept of the website, I'm not really active on there. I still prefer having my own website to showcase my designs over using Dribbble. However, I do agree it's a nice website to use if you're looking for some feedback on your design work. 


That being said, I have 1 invitation left. If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a message including some of your work. ?



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I don't have any portfolio for the design and the freelance work as of yet. But I wish to some day have the portfolio and wish to just link the people when they ask to see that. I think dribble does that job already but it is owned by them. And something neutral is better to have it on your own portfolio website. That's a lot better option.

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