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Holiday Contest 2019


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[ATTACH type=full" alt="Pink and Green Christmas Retail Leaderboard-3.png]13[/ATTACH]


Forumer.io Holiday Contest 2019


We are excited to announce our very first contest since our launch, and just in time for the holidays! This contest will run from December 1st through December 22nd, and the winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.




Sign up by posting below, it's that easy! The community member who creates the most threads/posts by end of day December 22nd (PST) will receive $25 via PayPal.



  • Must create a minimum of 15 posts/threads (once entered) in order to qualify to win. (You do not need 15 posts in order to enter!)
  • Must have a valid PayPal.
  • Must follow community guidelines while interacting within the community.

How do I win?


Once entered, go around posting and creating content! The community member who creates the most content by December 22nd will win the $25 grand prize. You must create a minimum of 15 posts once entered in order to qualify to win. Grand Prize will be paid via PayPal.


That's It! Enter Now and get to Posting!


Current Particiapants:

  • ChrisGregg: 5 posts starting. End Count: 60. Difference: 55
  • PoliceChief: 12 posts starting. End Count: 79. Difference: 67
  • Lammachen: 1 post. End Count: 19. Difference: 18
  • Ash: 1 post. End Count: 156. Difference: 155
  • Jenna: 3 Posts. End Count: 20; Difference, 16.
  • Jake: 1 post. End Count: 21. Difference: 20.

Winner: @Ash!

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I suppose you can add me to the list. :)

Count me in; seem to be doing well so far! ;) (Also, love the graphic for the contest!)


Entered! Good luck! :)

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I would like to enter as well. Will the 15 posts be counted in the total as well? Or will it be the most number of posts after the initial 15?


15 posts will be counted in the overall total! :)



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